Best Books For Fourth Grade

In the past I have detailed reading lists for the Early Years and then each grade, grades one through four.  Here is the list for grade four here:

Some of my favorite books from this year never made it onto that preliminary list, so I thought I would share here.  One of these is the book “Rascal” by Sterling North.  This book was a favorite for the year.  You can see the review Sheila over at “sure as the world” gives it here:  You could work this book into one of your Man and Animal blocks, but also into a U.S. Geography block.  There is also the book, “Pagoo”, about a hermit crab, from Holling C. Holling, that I think should be on your list as well.

Speaking of Holling C. Holling brings me to something else.  My plan was to do local geography and US geography this year.  We never did make it beyond the starting point of U.S. geography and decided to study this in the fall of fifth grade instead.  Books that are really helpful to that block include the ones by Holling C. Holling:  “Sea Bird”, “Tree in the Trail”, (and other titles),  although I have a confession to make:    we made it through “Minn of the Mississippi” but my voracious reader didn’t like it at all!  There are many long, lyrical descriptions, and I felt like the action of the book was buried under those to the point where my fourth grader often asked for clarification of the plot…  So, we are taking a break from those books and hope to return to them in the fall.

One book that could tie into geography but really is just a good read anytime is, “Swift Rivers” by Cornelia Meigs   (Amazon link here: This is the story of eighteen-year-old Chris Dahlberg, who decides to run logs from the North Territory all the way down the Mississippi River  in order to financially help his grandfather.  The descriptions of the Mississippi, running the logs, and life during this time period were just spot-on terrific.

I would love to hear your favorite books for fourth grade!

Many blessings,

4 thoughts on “Best Books For Fourth Grade

  1. Wasn’t Rascal just fabulous? I’m glad you guys loved it too. I should put a warning in my review that after reading this book you could wind up with 2 stuffed raccoons that your children take everywhere – because that is what happened to us. We liked the Holling books as well. Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Anne of Green Gables and the Ramona/Henry Huggins books were big hits at our house this year as well.

  2. Thank you for this post! I have been slowly pasting together our grade four curriculum and as I grew up along the Mississippi have been wanting to cover the river for one of our geography blocks (we are currently in Toronto, ON). We will also cover local geography but I feel a deep connection with the River and also love the earth writing from the long ago quake (I grew up on the ancient riverbed with flooding memories). We too have had a difficult time getting in deep with the Holling books but I wonder if I just introduced them too soon. Rascal is a favorite around here which we will be revisiting. While I do not have much to add here I will be watching the replies. All the best!

    • Brooke,
      “Swift River”, as I mentioned, also takes place along the Mississippi and should definitely be on your list!
      I will see what other titles I can think up for you.
      Many blessings,

    • Thank you Carrie! I am going to start researching the Cahokia Mounds which are on the outskirts of where I spent some of my childhood. If you are interested I can share them with you.

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