“A Donsy Of Gnomes: 7 Gentle Gnome Stories”

This  182-paged book is one of my favorites for five and six  year olds for “school” but also for bedtime reading for almost any age.  My seven and a half year old and I just got done going through these stories at bedtime again, and they are so lovable.  The stories are seasonal and so sweet, and include imaginative ways to present the stories and how to re-tell the stories.

The stories include the gnomes of Limindoor Woods and the two human children who live nearby.  The seven stories are:   Pebble (whose father teaches him the family trade of being a crystal gardener); Brother Acorn (who keeps the world forested) (this story has a lot of repetition and is shorter so may be of delight to even younger children); Tommy Tomten (a winter tale about giving); Teasel and Tweed (this is a longer story and has a rescue element – not scary, but may be better for children a bit older); Gilly ( a springtime tale); Bracken (an adventuresome gnome); Mossy (a Midsummer story that references all the other stories and characters in the book).

The stories have some simple, beautiful ink drawings to accompany them that are lovely and could be a springboard toward your own creation of wet on wet painting moving pictures (where the characters you paint move through the scene).

There are also many “extras” in this book:  tips toward reading the stories, telling the stories by heart and re-telling the stories, tips for acting out the stories and doing puppetry for the stories, creating a gnome garden, and how to end a story.  There is also a section of gnome crafts that are so sweet:  gnome hats, gnome beards, gnome felted figures, and a recipe for shortcake to go with Mossy’s story.   Here are some gnomes made with this book as inspiration from Chocolate Eyes:  http://chocoeyes.blogspot.com/2011/08/donsy-of-gnomes-needle-felting.html

You can get this book directly from the author for under fifteen dollars here:  http://shop.teachwonderment.com/Books-DVDs_c2.htm

We all love this book in our family.

Many blessings,


10 thoughts on ““A Donsy Of Gnomes: 7 Gentle Gnome Stories”

  1. Firstly, dear Carrie, I would like to extend a heart ♥ felt thanks for bringing my dear gnome friends, from A Donsy of Gnomes, to the attention of so many families the world over. Because of this blog my last copies flew off the shelf. I had to have more printed and now they too are flying off to all corners of the world! Thank you Carrie!
    If you dear readers have a chance, I would love to hear which gnome found his way into your (or your child’s) heart. Or, if you have any tales of how you used the stories. I would be so happy to hear from you. Warmly, ♥ Sigi De Francesca

    • Sigi,
      You and your gnome friends have created fabulous stories of the seasons…So happy to have brought your lovely stories to the attention of my readers.. I hope someday your gnome friends have more to share with you and with all of us.

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  3. I just ordered the gnome- I am so excited for our family to have these tales as our family tales. Thank you for this blog, I have returned to it many times since my son was born 5.5 years ago. I didn’t know then what path we would take. Now we are fortunate to be part of a waldorf charter school community. I didn’t know anything about ‘Waldorf’ but I knew I was looking for something else. What I found resonated with my values and ideas about childhood. I really can’t thank you enough. Blessing you and your family~~~

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