Very Simple Homeschool Planning

I have shared with you in past posts some of the little forms I created for homeschool planning.  I am talking to more and more mothers lately who are becoming affected with what I call “a case of the curriculum crazies.”

Please remember to keep things simple.


Know your focus.  Know your child, and your top goals for that child and for your family.  What is the ultimate goal you have in mind for the education of your children?  Structure things around that.  You cannot do it all, and nor should you try.

Play a Very Simple Day.  I shared mine already:  gathering the children in song and movement, a main lesson with lots of movement and art, a tea break with read-alouds, another main lesson with lots of movement and art, lunch, a half hour after lunch for one child only per day four days a week for any “extra” work, and three days a week handwork, crafts or religion.  Add in outside time and chores and that is plenty!  We plan four days a week; you may need even less!

Plan in field trips, seasonal activities and FUN. We homeschool to have a joyous family life.  Please don’t forget that!  Homeschooling is first and foremost about having joy as a family.

Many blessings,



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