Get Your Planning On: A Weekly Homeschooling Form You Can Use

My next step after figuring out the general seasonal and liturgical tone for each block, along with careful observation of my children and goal setting comes in making up a form each week that will entail some of the things that will run each week through our block.

I usually do it in a simple list format, and for me, my weekly list looks like this: (my notes are in the parentheses)

Morning Gathering:  (and I don’t always do all of these things, I pick and choose for each block!  And depending upon the day, it may be just the verses, prayers and jump into work or a walk and then verses prayers – it really just depends, but most of the things on this list would happen at least three days a week.)

  • Verse:   (each child has their own verse to say)
  • Prayers
  • Songs:  (usually matching the liturgical season or the general season)
  • Movement Games:
  • Movement in Poetry:
  • Movement for Childhood website suggestions:
  • Mental Math:  (here I usually make a list by day for each child with up to 10 mental math problems to solve)
  • Spelling Words of the Week:
  • Story for Kindergarten aged children: (this story may stay the same for the whole block as well)

Many blessings, with a daily form to follow,


6 thoughts on “Get Your Planning On: A Weekly Homeschooling Form You Can Use

  1. thank you so much for your blog which I just discovered tonight! My husband and I will be beginning homeschooling my 7 and 11 year old daughters this fall- and I am seeking a plan for a rhythm that will work for our family. Your posts will be a big help!

  2. Where do you get your ideas for movement in games and poetry? I’m feeling really stuck in this (very important!) portion of our morning circle/gathering.



    • Kimberley,
      Check through the homeschooling resources tab — there are many book reviews, etc. My movement ideas often come from poetry books, the Wynstones seasonal books, Circle Adventures and Movement Journeys, A Child’s Seasonal Treasury, the Movement for Childhood Website, and the book “Joyful Movement” from Christopherus Homeschooling Resources, Inc. You may want to check over at Annette’s site because she often posts her circles:

  3. Another questions Carrie…

    I have a 7yo daughter and also a 5yo son and 2yo daughter. I would love to include the extra lesson exercises and movements in our circle time but am not sure how to do that with my 5yo and 2yo there as well? All of the age suggestions are 6+ Do I just do the grade 1 movements and let them follow along as they want to, or should I do it it at the end of our Main Lesson time together when they will (likely) have moved back into playing together rather than wanting to be part of our school day? I appreciate your perspective on this! Thanks so much!!

    • Kimberely,
      I honestly think either approach could work….little ones often like to try to toss a beanbag if you are doing a specific beanbag sequence such as in “Take Time” or something, or just be part of tossing a ball or trying to move…I think just see where it works best and where the little ones let your older one focus the best. I think it is different for each family. 🙂

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