Get Your Planning On: A Homeschooling Form You Can Use

Child’s Name Child’s Name Child’s Name Child’s Name
Block Name
Academic Goal
Artistic Goal
Spiritual Development Goal
Feasts of the Church
(insert your own religious practice here)
Important Dates
Misc Notes

This is a sample of the kind of form I fill out at the start of every block for children in the grades (although I did devote one column toward themes I am thinking about for our almost three-year-old).  Once you have gone through the steps I outlined here in this post, you can go through this form and start thinking about where your individual child is, and what you are hoping to accomplish in this particular block.  Knowing the calendar of your religious practice and other important dates also helps to set the tone around the block.  Life is the curriculum!

Here is a sample of this form, filled in briefly for my first block.  I filled this form in more extensively for my own planning purposes, but just cut it down so you could get the idea.  At the top of the page, I wrote the dates for the three weeks that this planning page will cover.  It looks prettier in my pages with borders and different fonts, but you can fix this simple table however you see best to do it.

Child’s Name Child’s Name Child’s Name Child’s Name
Block Name Form Drawing 2 weeks with math review/Botany 1 week Form Drawing through Trickster Tales toddler fun – harvest of the land and sea, fisherman
Academic Goal increase spatial awareness to be ready for freehand geometric drawingReview all four math processes, all time tables, fractions and decimals

Review grammar from fourth grade (one extra lesson a week for three weeks)

increase spatial awareness and fluidity needed for handwriting through the drawing of X number of formsreview all consonant and short vowel sounds through last year’s written work etc

review all four math processes and two, five, and tens times tables

Artistic Goal Painting –
work from darkness into light(also have handwork, woodworking and music this block) etc
Painting- orange; allowing form to emerge from colors(also have drawing, modeling,music this block) etc
Spiritual Development Goal Celebrate the Assumption of  Saint Mary /The Dormition of the Theotokos and plan a Mary Garden for the new houseMemorize Psalm One

Continue in “Polished Cornerstones”

See column of child one
Feasts of the Church
(insert your own religious practice here)
see above
Holy Days – Saint Bartholomew the Apostle
The Beheading of  Saint John The Baptist
Important Dates various notes here about birthdays, homeschooling group days, etc
Misc Notes Book of Common Prayer – Prayer “For the Harvest of Lands and Waters” page 828

The goals would be put into a much more measurable and “child will” sort of format for a reporting agency, but these are my personal notes to keep me on track for a block only.  However, I can easily go back and write notes for any reports due from these sheets.  Some goals that I wrote in only one column would be stretched across to sibling columns as well.  And, again, my own planning forms have much more detail than this.

The next form I will share is the form I make out per week to cover opening activities, mental math, and spelling and then the last form I will share is essentially my daily planning form.  If anyone is planning and would like to share how they plan or forms that they use, please leave your link below.

Many blessings,

4 thoughts on “Get Your Planning On: A Homeschooling Form You Can Use

  1. Carrie I just love your blog! I’m new to home school, live in the uk and new to Waldorf! I find your blog so useful and inspiring and look forward to every post! Keep up blogging!!!

  2. Hey Carrie, always good stuff from you. I may revise my forms in light of yours, but here is what I am doing Early days! but I have come to see planning as “in progress” until the lesson is taught!

    I thought of this book on my shelf when you mentioned your Mary garden “Mary’s Flowers: Gardens, Legends and Meditations” by Vincenzina Krymow. Wondering if this garden will be in your new house? What a wonderful way to begin a home.

    Love to you.

  3. Dear Carrie,

    I’m from Indonesia. I am still very new to waldorf, despite how Ii love how beautiful the method is, I’m still lacking in understanding how to start up with our parent and children group. I dont have a clue on how to carry out a well balanced curriculum, and i am responsible of introducing waldorf education to our group. Can you please share your thoughts on this.

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