Links To Give You Courage This Michaelmas Day!

I hope everyone is celebrating a wonderful Michaelmas today!  May all of our dragons be slayed, may our courage and clarity carry us forth!

There are so many of you whom I turn to for inspiration and with such gratitude, and today I wanted to mention a few posts that really give me courage.  These posts are authentic and real!  I love that!

Homeschooling and parenting is NOT for the faint of heart, not if you are involved and immersed in it.  Sometimes mothers will tell me they feel so much better knowing I have my days where I cry or get angry or have a rotten day.  Not because they want that for me, but because I think we all feel better knowing we are not alone and that we are all striving!  Me too!

So here are some inspiring reads for you!  Take heart in the striving of it all!

Over at Seasons of Joy, a musing about “having it all”:

Over at Sister Mama Gets Real:

An Oldie But A Goodie:  Encouragement For Weary Homeschoolers:

Walk with courage and truth my friends, this day and every day,


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