Warmth: A Healing Balm For Today’s Children And A Special Offer For My Readers

I have written many,many back posts on warmth.  A child deserves not only emotional warmth, warm feelings of love and joy that emanate from the parent to the child, but a child needs physical warmth.

Children have a metabolic rate that runs faster than an adult’s.  Therefore, under the age of nine especially, they are unlikely to know whether they are truly cold or not.  I am sure we have all experienced the child that is swimming in cold water and is literally blue, but doesn’t realize they are cold.  This is common amongst children who really cannot tell their own temperature very well.

As parents, I think it is important for us to keep our children warm.  We see this in many cultures all around the world – dressing babies warmly, even in subtropical and tropical climates.  When our children are warm enough, then energy will not be diverted from the growth and maturity of the nervous system just in order to keep warm.  Warmth allows our children to settle in, to not be restless, to rest and sleep and grow better, and to reach their fullest potential as human beings.

As a rule,  we recommend three layers on the top with one layer tucked in, and two layers on the bottom.  Here in Georgia I like two layers on the top and two layers on the bottom, just depending upon how cold and windy it is.  Contrary to popular belief, the Deep South does see snow and we do get freezing temperatures.

I have several back posts that go into further detail about warmth:  why warmth, how to do this here:  https://theparentingpassageway.com/2010/10/13/back-to-basics-emotional-and-physical-warmth/   and here:   https://theparentingpassageway.com/2009/12/06/warmth-strength-and-freedom-by-mary-kelly-sutton/.  Those posts are good places to start.

I always order the Ruskovilla wool/silk blend woolens from Green Mountain Organics, and owner Michelle Morton was kind enough to send on a very special offer to share with my readers:

We would like to extend a 10% discount on woolen orders placed between today
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Stay Warm!

Michelle Morton

Thank you to Michelle, and thank you to all of you wonderful mothers who are keeping your infants and children warm.

Many blessings,


13 thoughts on “Warmth: A Healing Balm For Today’s Children And A Special Offer For My Readers

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  2. I love wool but this winter I am pregnant and can’t fit into any I have. I also can’t find any for pregnant mamas. Would love to hear more about something for pregnant mamas to wear…..

  3. Carrie,

    I totally agree that warmth is so important! perhaps you have advice or experience with this. my little 5 year old gets into such a tizzy. sometimes a full on tantrum when she starts to feel too warm. If she sweats – she gets so angry and can hardly control herself. Probably some sort of sensory problem. It makes it so hard to dress her warmly. getting ready to go out in snow for example becomes a real problem as she gets freaked out before all the layers are on and she is ready to go out and then cannot seem to get out the door to play. help?

    • Noelle,
      I am wondering if the problem is not so much the warmth but the confined feeling of multiple layers. If it truly is being warm, I would do as Tan suggests and put the final sweater, jacket, etc on outside if possible. I also would look for the warm clothing that is less bulky, and be careful about seams and itchy fabrics.
      We will keep brainstorming for you!
      Many blessings,

    • Yes Carrie,

      I do think the confinement of it all can add to her agony. I try to use her leggings (cotton) that she is already comfy in. We stay away from polar fleeces and other synthetics especially against her skin. I am intrigued by “puddle pants” as an outer layer and will try them this year. Perhaps the snow pants are just too bulky for her little body. Maybe I will try silks and cashmere for right against her skin (expensive!). thanks for your thoughts.

  4. I have real trouble keeping my Miss 4 dressed warmly. To me she seems to sense heat much more than I do – being in Australia we have just come out of winter and she lived in stockings and leggings rather than warm pants and jeans like I would have liked ( we have a relatively mild winter – no snow, average temps around 10c). Luckily heading to summer now so I don’t have to keep reminding her to rug up and keep her socks on!

    Noelle – could you leave some layers once she is outside?? (Coming from an Aussie I have realised it might be way too cold to do this so sorry if it isn’t helpful!)

    • Tan,

      thanks for the suggestions. sometimes it is just too cold to do that as we live in Northeastern USA. But usually she has worked herself frantic in just the leggings, turtleneck and snow pant stage. I never try to even get the last Parka layer on until we step out. I am hoping this coming winter will be better now that she is a bit older. I also try to stay away from synthetic fabrics up against her skin – but to keep warm and dry in snow we often need a polar fleece or nylon layer at some point. I wonder about silks – but the expense is so great to then have her hate them. alas, motherhood 🙂

    • Noelle,
      I was preemie and so was my husband and we both were turtle neck haters and just couldn’t wear them until we were in high school and college. Silks may be helpful, sometimes you can find them used or seconds on the green tara mama list. That would be another good place to get input as well. Does she have other things where sensory input bothers her?
      Many blessings,

    • Yes,
      I have tried to only use the turtlenecks that are really wide – mock turtle necks? or I buy them really large. She also gets overloaded right at bedtime under the covers, sometimes she needs to take off her jammies to get comfy. She describes the feeling as “angry”. hates washing hair and combing hair. any hot weather gets her miserable – we stay in bathing suits and kiddie pools all summer. when she was younger – the car seat made her miserable – now that is a bit better. and she loves to be barefoot – even when it is too cold out. She hates to wear pants and will only wear dresses and leggings. tights are almost always out of the question. does any of this fill in the story for you? I am a bit exasperated. I used to get angry and try to discipline her into compliance. but after reading a book about sensory problems – “too loud, too bright, too fast, too tight” by Sharon Heller, I feel much more compassion for her and try to love her into feeling a little better and solving the problem together.

    • Noelle,
      YES! And that is one of the books I would recommend, the other is the “Out of Sync Child Has Fun” and also “Raising Your Spirited Child” – this is a Sensory issue, not a discipline issue per say. Also, these posts on the Well Balanced Child should be of help…and I will be posting soon on what I learned at a sensory course I just took for my physical therapy licensure renewal.
      Hang in there I want to write more but have family waiting for me to get done…
      Many blessings! Joy!

  5. Carrie

    Thanks for your wonderful posts… they are so inspiring and they guide me whenever I feel stressed or confused. You are a blessed gifted writer..

    About keeping the children warm. I have few questions…. if they sound silly please forgive me. My 3.5 year old sweats a lot, so is it fine if we keep the house warm and not dress him up with socks and hats??? when i try to dress him warm he sweats and wakes up often during the night. Kindly send me your thoughts on the same. I have a 3 month old baby too , but he is fine with being covered well.

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