Buying Supplies For Your Waldorf Homeschool

There has been an explosion, it seems, of web-based businesses catering to providing supplies (these are not curriculum companies) for  Waldorf-inspired families and Waldorf homeschoolers.  It can be hard to sort through and I wanted to provide some suggestions for my readers.  The suggestions below are by no means complete, and I have tried to provide a selection for you all to pick from, but by all means please leave your favorites in the comment box below.   

First of all, as you sit down and plan for your fall homeschooling experience, I encourage you to make a list of all the things you need. I highly suggest you have a look-through the supply list Mrs. Marsha Johnson, Waldorf teacher, has put together for each grade over in the FILES section of her Yahoo!Group (   

Do you need a table and chairs if you are lucky enough to have a dedicated homeschool space?  My favorite place to get tables and chairs is here: 

Do you need a blackboard/chalkboard?  I know some people make their own.    I got mine through a big box retailer on-line simply because it was the cheapest price I could find and they were not cheap, but perhaps someone has a favorite supplier for this item?  Weigh in the comment box and tell me if you made one or bought one somewhere.   If you can’t afford either route for a chalkboard, you can always draw on paper as well.  I know many families who do that!

Do you need chalk if you have a chalkboard?  Meredith over at recommends Prang chalk.  You can read her whole post regarding chalkboard accessories here:  Meredith has many other good reviews!

How about Main Lesson books, painting supplies, modeling supplies?  Some things I order on-line and some things I buy using an educators’ card through Blick Art Supplies.

Here are a few general supply-oriented companies different Waldorf-inspired families have used:

Paper, Scissors, Stone:

Meadowsweet Naturals:

Cedar Ring Circle:  Becca is one of my readers!

One of my local suppliers who I know in person:

A Child’s Dream Come True also has some unique supplies:  and Art Makes Sense:

For Main Lesson Books in addition to the companies above that carry Main Lesson Books:

There are also many Etsy shops that have plant-dyed handwork supplies.  Ms.  Judy Forster is the handwork teacher for our my Waldorf homeschooling group and has an Etsy shop: 

I also like many of the  creations from Rick and Jennifer Tan at Syrendell: .  Also, if you join Michelle Morton’s Green Tara Mamas group over at Yahoo!Groups, she sometimes runs special databases for things Waldorf families like. 

I know there are many more, and I am sorry if I missed YOU!   It is not my intent to exclude anyone, and it was hard to make a list, but I wanted to give some direction to families who are new to Waldorf homeschooling.  Please leave a link to where you like to order things below.

Many blessings,


7 thoughts on “Buying Supplies For Your Waldorf Homeschool

  1. Can you tell me more about the educator’s card at Dick Blick’s? I have purchased from them in the past also. I would love to know more about a discount. 🙂

    • Kathy – Many stories, if you bring in your declaration of intent to homeschool or some other documentation, will offer you a teacher’s/educator’s discount card – Blick’s, Barnes and Noble come to mind, but I am certain there are others.
      Many blessings,

  2. We made a large blackboard using chalkboard paint and a fine nap roller. We used three coats and framed the blackboard with simple pine boards. It looks beautiful and was cheap and easy to create.

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