A Free Religious Resource For Anglican/Episcopalian Homeschoolers

There really are no homeschooling curricula/homeschool products out there for Anglican homeschooling families that involve religious instruction every day.  It seems most Anglican/Episcopalian  homeschooling families piece together their own religious curriculum based upon the liturgical calendar of the Church Year, Feast days of the Saints,  and various resources. 

I have done some digging, though and did come up with a pretty fabulous FREE resource from the  Virginia Theological Seminary.  This program would work for a once a week lesson and you could easily add things so there could be  something in the form of religious focus each and  every day of homeschooling.  There are three age groups with three years’ worth of material for each age group and the resources include not only the teachers’ manual and ideas for art but much more: http://www.vts.edu/podium/default.aspx?t=122314

Some other resources to think about:

Here are a few other resources I am considering for Fall in addition to the Daily Office ( http://missionstclare.com/):

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16 thoughts on “A Free Religious Resource For Anglican/Episcopalian Homeschoolers

  1. Thank you for posting this! It looks perfect for my boys. We pull a lot from Catholic websites and blogs, it is rare to come across something that is specific to our faith.

  2. Oh my this is wonderful. We are new to an Episcopalian Church and it is such a small congregation that the children’s program is not age specific. This will help all of us grow in our faith. Thank you!

  3. Hi Carrie,
    Do you have a suggestion for a Bible story book that has minimal pictures or pictures that are not cartoonish? My parents gave my children Bible story books that look like cartoon/comic book figures to me. It also omits many Bible stories and the ones they include are so oversimplified and with probing questions at the end that are totally unnecessary. I would love something with just simple Bible stories that leave them with their own wondering questions instead of feeding them someone else’s interpretations.

    Also, since you wrote this post in 2011, have you come across any more resources specifically for Anglican Waldorf homeschoolers, along the same lines as The Anglican Family Prayer Book and Rings, Kings And Butterflies: Lessons on Christian Symbols for Children?

    I recently discovered this gem from my library. It is a daily prayer book for families and is phenomenal. The author’s 9 year old son helped him with the book so that it is understandable for children as well.

    Are you aware of other resources for children and families that are related to Celtic Christianity? There is so much richness to it.

  4. Just found this post while looking for curriculum to recommend to an Episcopal homeschooler. Thanks for recommending our Episcopal Children’s Curriculum. I hope some of your readers have found it useful!

    • Thank you CMT…there really, as I am certain you have found, no curriculum geared to Anglican homeschoolers. There are Orthodox and Roman Catholic resources, and Sonlight is a boxed evangelical Protestant curriculum that from what I hear is easily modified, but nothing else out there…Maybe someday I will write one!

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  6. Hello Carrie,

    Many thanks for your writing and the resources you offer. We are just beginning to homeschool our daughter for high school. he graduates from an Episcopal k-8 this year and we are choosing to homeschool for many reasons, but would also love to continue this Episcopal tradition. I know this blog was written a good any years ago – have you had any success finding other resources or an Episcopal homeschooling community, even online?


    • Hi Karri,
      There are no Facebook groups for Episcopalian homeschoolers and I have only come across a handful of us across the United States. My blog is still going strong; you can search the back links for further posts. Many of my “focus on the month” posts include traditions about our feast days. I am so glad you are here, and if you want to talk high school please do email me at admin@theparentingpassageway.com. Always excited to talk to another Episcopalian homeschooler!
      Blessings, and glad you are here!

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