Even More About Michaelmas

Happy Michaelmas!  I hope you all are having a wonderful day of festivities!  I wrote a few posts about Michaelmas quite awhile ago, you can find it here: https://theparentingpassageway.com/2009/10/05/our-michaelmas-celebration/   and here:   https://theparentingpassageway.com/2009/09/06/michaelmas-is-coming/

Our family celebrated Michaelmas with our homeschool group on Sunday.  We had approximately 40 other parents and children from our homeschool group gathered, and we had a wonderful time celebrating with stories, games, and other festivities.

This season of Michaelmas, for me, really lasts from a few weeks before Michaelmas until a week or so before Halloween.  In honor of this occasion, I have been reading the words of Rudolf Steiner from his lectures  collected and entitled, “Michaelmas and the Soul- Forces of Man”  In the fourth lecture, he relates the four major festivals of the year:  Michaelmas, Christmas, Easter and St. John’s.  He says, “ Easter: death, then resurrection; Michaelmas: resurrection of the soul, then death. This makes of the Michael Festival a reversed Easter Festival. Easter commemorates for us the Resurrection of Christ from death; but in the Michael Festival we must feel with all the intensity of our soul: In order not to sleep in a half-dead state that will dim my self-consciousness between death and a new birth, but rather, to be able to pass through the portal of death in full alertness, I must rouse my soul through my inner forces before I die. First, resurrection of the soul — then death, so that in death that resurrection can be achieved which man celebrates within himself.”

You can read these four lectures for yourself here:  http://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/MichSoul/MiSoul_index.html  There is also this really interesting collection of articles, lectures, verses and stories all about Michaelmas available in  Waldorf Journal Project #15, edited by David Mitchell.  You can find that here:   http://www.waldorflibrary.org/Journal_Articles/WJP15.pdf

I especially like this part from David Mitchell’s writings about Autumn:  “The evening skies come alive as meteor showers streak across the dark canopy like blazing arrows. The remnants of this cosmic metallic  presence is unknowingly absorbed into our blood from the very air we breathe,   invigorating our blood with its homeopathic qualities of iron. Darkness starts  to wrap around us and we are moved inside to the comfort of our homes. Our  thought life also goes inward. The dreamy mood of summer is replaced by a new  vigor that seems to aid us in our tasks.”

In this season, I challenge you to bring new consciousness to the elements of your life that need your attention; to overcome things that are difficult in your parenting with your attentiveness and will.

I challenge you to encourage your children in the areas that are challenging for them.  Every child deserves to hear every day about how strong they are, how healthy their bodies are, how brave and courageous they are.

Happy Michaelmas today,


5 thoughts on “Even More About Michaelmas

  1. Thanks for sharing these links, Carie. I think I will read the Steiner lectures over the next week. I’ve been so sluggish for the last month (or two!) and I am glad that the feeling of Autumn vigor is finally setting upon me. I love Michaelmas and spending the next month consciously gathering strength and light to carry me through the coming dark months.

    Sounds like you had a great time today. On Friday we are having a family over for a Michaelmas party – woo hoo! the first time we have had someone else to celebrate with us!

  2. Hi Carrie
    Thanks for the post. I am not familiar with all the festivals, we never celebrated festivals other than Easter, Christmas. I will definitely read what Steiner has to say, I am drawing so much from his writting. As I am keen to start to introduce the celebrations into our home.

    As we are in the Southern Hemisphere, do you have any ideas (or do you know of resources available) on how to apply the ideas of the festivals in the alternate season. It seems as if much of the focus of Michaelmas for example is linked to the begining of Autum and to assist one with the winter to come. Turning inwards, reflecting etc. Being in the middle of spring, new life, warmer wheather etc. our focus are more outward, looking forward etc.

    I have thought of looking at the focus of the festivals that fall in Spring, and try and adopt, alter it, but it just doesn’t feel right either.

    Best wishes

    • Hi QueenArtLady,
      THis comes up a lot and it seems someone on Donna Simmons’ Waldorf At Home posted a resource the other day; I will have to try to track it down for you after my conference is over!

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