Our Michaelmas Celebration

We went to our Waldorf homeschooling group’s Michaelmas celebration last night.  It was very lovely, and I wanted to share with you all some of the things we did.

First of all, we had 22 children plus their parents, so it was a fairy sizeable gathering.  This made me feel proud as this group only started a few years ago, and it is lovely to see it grow.

We had dyed capes several weeks ago at a playgroup in a bath made from tumeric and carrot tops and the capes turned out to be a beautiful golden, sunny yellow. Just gorgeous!  We have a Waldorf-trained teacher in our group who said they were truly lovely, which made all of us feel great since it was our first group dyeing experience.

The children gathered outside for Circle Time with their parents.  Our leader was none other than Jodie Mesler (musician, music teacher and author of a Waldorf-inspired homeschool music curriculum for pennywhistle and pentatonic flute – see http://homemusicmaking.blogspot.com/ for more details), who played guitar, pennywhistle and native american flute and another mother played the pentatonic flute.  After circle, we had a scavenger hunt for natural items found outside (pictures taped onto gathering bags) and dragon’s tears.  We then had a  dad who dressed up as a dragon.  He played a game of tag with the children and as the children were tagged, the children came forward to receive their beautiful capes to give them an extra dose of courage with a special verse to accompany the receiving of the capes.

Then, of course, came the food.  We had two kinds of dragon bread, challah bread, two kinds of soup, muffins/pumpkin bread, salads, fruit and caramel apples and pumpkin cupcakes for dessert.

Best of all was the wonderful company of Waldorf homeschooling families!

Hope you had a wonderful Michaelmas festival as well!



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