Posts I Am Enjoying

Hi All!

Here are a few things I am enjoying from around the Web:

  • NobleMother’s series on John Gottman’s book, “Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work”:

Take a peek at this post and follow along:

What are you all looking at on the Web?

Many blessings,


7 thoughts on “Posts I Am Enjoying

  1. I am a new reader (and blogger) and new to Waldorf. But so much of what I am learning I love, and have found your blog to be so helpful in my understanding. I’ve spent the last few evenings reading over the older posts and am learning so much! Thanks!

  2. Carrie, You are very kind, thank you . I’m working out a series on literacy, storytelling, singing, puppetry. I’d love comments and feedback. I’m also trying to make the camera work to post a picture of my felted apron for you. It is not the “pizza” pie version but a rectangular castle with pockets.

  3. Carrie, really sweet of you to mention my post series on marriage. I spend so much time focusing on parenting that I thought I devote some posts to marriage 😉 Thanks again for the mention. I truly admire your work and will continue to haunt your site for inspiration!

  4. Dear Carrie,
    I found your web site because I was searching for resources to help me parent my young son. He is 9 years old and his melancholic temperment is so predominent right now.
    I am looking for ways to parent him through the true depths of dispaire he feels off and on throughout the day.
    It gets in his way of getting things done for school and life because really it is so very tragic that it needs a good cry first.
    (He is not depressed. He plays, has friend, eat enough and does reasonably well at school.)
    Is there some resource to help guide the parent with the melancholic child?
    I am a choleric mother trying to be sensitive to the needs of my beloved melincolic boy.
    Any help would be appriciated.

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