Aww, Shucks.

This has been a week of people acknowledging the work that goes into “The Parenting Passageway” blog and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone.

This blog, specifically this post on Children and Chores (, was mentioned in the September 2010 E-zine by Simplicity Parenting author and expert Kim John Payne.  You can sign up to receive the free monthly E-zines here:

I also was one of the blogs voted on and recognized over at The Waldorf Connection as Number Two of “The Best Waldorf Blogs” here:

It is my fervent hope whether you are a parent seeking simplicity, a parent of small children or older children, a homeschooling parent or a parent whose children go to school, that you will all find something helpful here in this space.

Thank you all again so very much.

Many blessings,


7 thoughts on “Aww, Shucks.

  1. Carrie, it is our pleasure to refer parents to your incredibly thoughtful and resourceful blog! What a blessing to have you in the Waldorf community.

    Raelee Peirce
    Outreach Coordinator

  2. congrats Carrie! since getting to know about your blog I feel more secure about my natural parenting and especially since this isnt the norm so much in malta- or i dont know of much myself! I have started a website to do info on natural parenting and I am hoping that eventually it will evolve into more. thank you for all your help and keep it up!

  3. Congratulations, Carrie! All the time you put into your blog is so appreciated by your readers 😀 So happy that you share your time and knowledge with so many!

  4. Carrie, your blog is so awesome. For every obstacle I encounter with parenting you have had a post about it that gives a fresh and realistic approach to deal with it. I cannot recommend you blog enough to parents! Its a must read in my opinion. You give me strength and knowledge and I appreciate the amount of work you put into it.
    “many blessings” to YOU Carrie.

  5. They need to know that they can come to you with their fears,
    questions, doubts and dilemmas and that you will be there to
    help them find their way rather than imposing your way on them.
    As their parents, we must acknowledge that although there have probably been successes along the
    way, what we have been doing for some time is not working and it won’t work.
    Self-discipline is a skill that will benefit your
    child throughout their life.

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