The Days of Summer

2010-08-13 at 01-14-36 

2010-08-13 at 00-06-56

2010-08-13 at 00-11-42

2010-08-13 at 00-58-11

Hope your days of Summer are going well!  Here are a few pictures of our favorite Summer activity – thank you to my dear friend Samantha Fogg of Work +Play Dog Training ( for taking these shots. 

What you probably cannot tell  is that in the second picture our dog is towing the children back to shore.  Our dog just finished an introductory carting class and will soon be starting water rescue classes.  She is a good dog.  And no one is wearing sun hats in these pictures because no one would keep them on.  Such is the challenge of Summer!

Much love and many blessings,


8 thoughts on “The Days of Summer

  1. Hi Eva and Molly —
    The lake is Lake Lanier in Georgia, a man-made lake interestingly enough.
    The older children can swim like little fishies, they seem to learn around four and can do everything and anything in the water. 🙂 They have little choice since we swim every day, LOL.


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