Weaving A Marriage

Have you ever considered how marriage is like the best weaving project?

It is an interweaving of experiences:

  • All the shared experiences, joyous and sorrowful
  • Family rituals, celebrations, family meals, travel experiences
  • Joyous times with neighbors and friends
  • A rhythmical life of faith in the day, the week, the year if that is part of your family life
  • Sexual intimacy
  • The sharing of dreams, thoughts, opinions, goals, desires
  • The sharing of laughter, fun and joy as a couple and as a family; shared goals and values
  • The experiences of serving each other and serving the family

And perhaps interwoven into these experiences are the things that make a marriage what it is:

  • Two people, each one putting the other person’s welfare and welfare of the entire family,  ahead of themselves
  • Loyalty and fidelity to each other and the family
  • Faith
  • Respect  for one another and being able to work in cooperation with mutual admiration for one another
  • Kindness  to each other publicly and privately
  • Honesty to each other with open and direct communication
  • Integrity
  • Attraction to each other physically and emotionally
  • Enjoyment of each other – laughter and joy

(And the  notable things that are not woven into the fabric:  things such as sarcasm  toward each other if that is an unwanted way to communicate within your family , being passive-aggressive, being selfish)

How are you weaving your marriage today? What are you weaving in and what are you leaving out to make the weaving even more beautiful?

Live big and  love each other,



2 thoughts on “Weaving A Marriage

  1. We’re coming up on our 10 year wedding anniversary later this month, so this topic has been on my mind lately.

    Love what you say about how what isn’t on the list is as important as what does get woven in.

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