Does Anyone, Anyone….

have a Personal Mission Statement or a Family Mission Statement they would be willing to share?  I have gotten several emails and comments that putting one together seems difficult and I feel perhaps some mothers need examples to look at and see how this could really apply to their own families!

Thank you, dear readers, in advance.  I appreciate you all and thank you for reading and helping other mothers!



8 thoughts on “Does Anyone, Anyone….

  1. Here’s the mission statement I crafted for our family.

    “Every day, as much as I am able, I will ensure that my children have time to encounter beauty, pray, go outside, think, read good books, and do meaningful work.”

    It’s just one simple sentence, and yet I feel like it encapsulates the heart of what it is we are aiming for in our home. I can use this one sentence to weigh everything else in our home- should we add that extracurricular activity? try that curriculum? have playdates every afternoon? It depends on whether each of these support the statement above. For that purpose, I have found posting this statement in a prominent place in our home helpful.

    I used to have a longer mission statement, but I find that I read this one, and reflect on it, more readily. Hope that helps some- I look forward to reading the mission statements of others!

    • I love this so much, thank you so much for sharing!! C’mon moms, help out the other moms here so they can see how this would work in real life! 🙂

  2. Don’t know if this helps but a few years ago I got a copy of a book called “The Path” by Laurie Beth Jones. It had a work book to go with it. It is for discovering a personal Mission Statement but I think it could be adjusted to do as a family or maybe the author has written one just for families? Mine came out as “Restoring relationship between God, Mankind and Nature”. Kind of short but easy to remember…hope this helps? (:

  3. At our website, we’ve got a great workbook for getting to the creation of your own family mission. It allows families to look at where they’ve come from, where they are now and where they want to go. The workbook asks some great questions to get families to their own Family Mission.

    We’ve gotten some great feedback from families who have used it.

  4. This is what I created for my own personal mission statement:

    “My purpose is to empower and nurture people to be true to themselves, to live their dreams and to fully express who they are in the world.”

    Our family’s mission statement is:

    “We believe that our purpose as a family is to love, celebrate and nourish the creative spirit. We will accomplish this by:

    -living simply, loving unconditionally and exploring
    -making our home a place of creativity, laughter and love
    -valuing the creative process above all else, and
    -being in harmony with Spirit, each other, and mother nature.”

    I love having these in front of me every day. I check in often, asking myself if this is what I am working on, or if I am just going through the motions. Really makes everything from doing the dishes to playing on the floor, to working on my business feel like what I am doing matters and reminds me how blessed I am.

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