The Power of Being A Positive Mother!

Today we had some friends with their children  over to swim and I looked around in amazement at how much the children  had grown – how many of them have already “thinned out”, how many were all legs and such.  It was truly a time to enjoy the marvels of their healthy bodies running and playing and swimming under the sun.

And what I realized in that shining sunlight was that these were what a friend of mine would call “tender and precious” children.  It is not that these children don’t have their own bumps in the path, or their times of disequilibrium as they grow and mature, but that they are truly tender and precious – just like their beautiful, wise and wonderful mothers!

Because all of us are spiritual beings on a spiritual path.  My path is to draw closer to God throughout my lifetime.  How much are we called to be positive beacons for our children,  to lift our children up to the next level, the next place, to support and love unconditionally?  How much are we called to just love one another and these beautiful beings who chose to share their souls with ourselves and within our family?

There are so many myths surrounding motherhood in our society – that motherhood somehow forces a woman not to use all of her skills, that motherhood somehow stunts a woman’s growth in her life, that motherhood is somehow “just being a mother”.

We have the unique opportunity to model for our children the very best qualities of ourselves and our society.  We have an incredible opportunity for self-examination and self-discovery.  Why does this behavior bother me so?  How can I surrender myself and decrease myself and increase my neutral, calm, centered peacefulness more?  How can I be a better listener?  How can I use less words but still gently guide my child as needed?  Motherhood  provides us the opportunity to ask the difficult questions of our own values and priorities and really solidify that.

Being a positive mother is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give your children.  Use your words so wisely, so carefully with your tender and precious children.  We are all adept at finding one another’s faults, those weaknesses.  Back off and also see the good, see the wonderful moments as they are.  See the things that people say to you with the best underlying intention that you can imagine. See the things your children do with the best underlying intention possible.  As a Waldorf parent, I believe that small children are truly neither good nor bad, but again, on this spiritual path and learning.  I have tremendous influence here.  I am a woman of worth for my children and my family. 

Encourage your children, encourage other mothers, encourage your spouse and encourage yourself. 

Be wonderful in living this moment together,


12 thoughts on “The Power of Being A Positive Mother!

  1. dear Carrie,

    I love your words, I am in a tough spot now and not the gentlest mom atm, I will read yor words over and over today and tomorrow and…….

    thankyou – V

  2. Veronique,
    Thank you for reading, I am glad this post touched your heart as your comment touched mine. You are a wonderful mother with the capacity to have a relationship with your children in the gentle way that you choose!
    Live wisely and thank you for reading,

  3. Carrie,
    Beautifully put. Thank you so much for your blog and all the encouragement you give this mother.

    Many Blessings,

  4. Carrie,
    You have an uncanny ability to say just what I need to hear, when I need to hear it! This is just the post I needed to read as I start my day today. In fact, I should probably read it every morning, as it helps me remember I have “tremendous influence” and especially that “I am a woman of worth for my children and my family.” Thank you for your wise and wonderful words!

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  6. Carrie,
    you have such a beautiful, gentle way with words. So eloquent! Thank you for inspiring and challenging me everyday to be the best I can be.

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  9. I was just looking around your site this evening and I am so glad that I did. I have been feeling very overwhelmed by the many roles I have to take on. I love my kids and this post is a great reminder for me to look at what is most important. I seem to have lost my enthusiasm feel worn down all the time. I know my kids are feeling it too. Thanks the refreshing look at being a mom. I hope to take a new look at things in the morning!

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