Resources for the Waldorf Kindergarten Years


Lovey over at Lovey-land has a great list of resources to go with the skills list we came up with in this post:

(Sorry all, as of 1/2011 Lovey land’s blog is closed).

I decided to put my own picks here, food for thought for you:


One of the following: You Are Your Child’s First Teacher, Beyond the Rainbow Bridge or Heaven on Earth.  Your public library may have copies of these.

To Read the Following (may find on-line):  Rudolf Steiner’s The Education of the Child and Kingdom of Childhood are good places to start.  My personal favorite for awhile now has been Soul Economy as well.  Your public library may have some of these titles, and also check out the Rudolf Steiner Audio Archives.

For Inner Work:  Read works by Steiner, “Knowledge of Higher Worlds” is recommended by many as a place to start.  Discern why you feel called to homemaking and how you will set the tone in your home.  Journaling may help you.

For putting together things for your Kindergarten:  Let Us Form A Ring, a copy of Grimms Fairy Tales (The Pantheon Version), Suzanne Down’s Autumn Tales and Spring Tales and any of the seasonal Wynstones Press books.  Earthways is nice for crafts, but A Child’s Seasonal Treasury also has crafts and I think crafts are not too hard to track down on line.

For Movement:  Joyful Movement by Donna Simmons.

One festival book:  A Child’s Seasonal Treasury, which may be available at the library has verses and songs and crafts by season, other ones include All Year Round which is a Christian perspective, Celebrating Irish Festivals, or others.

If you absolutely must have some kind of “curriculum” : Either Melisa Nielsen’s Before the Journey and Journey Through Waldorf Kindergarten OR Donna Simmons’ Waldorf Kindergarten At Home with Your 3- 6 Year Old.

Baking, gardening, woodworking, housekeeping ideas and plans  really can be gathered through on-line resources and asking on Yahoo!Group Waldorf lists.

Most of all, do NOT be a curriculum junkie. I see so many mothers who are buying everything and doing NOTHING.  Pick something and DO.  Your child needs your take on things, your creativity, your festival plans and not just the stuff listed in a book.  You know your child best and can plan what will speak to their heart and soul  best.

All my best,



3 thoughts on “Resources for the Waldorf Kindergarten Years

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  2. Hi Carrie,

    I just wanted to let you know that the above link to lovely-land does not work (the blog is by invitation only, so I cannot access the information). Is there a way to get it on your website?

    I also have a quick question for you. I was wondering about Waldorf and the ‘gifted child’. First off let me explain that I am not sure if I have a gifted child but I certainly do have a very smart one! I don’t want to come across as a ‘stage mom’ as I am anxious not to push my wee girl into anything she is not ready for. The problem I am having is that she is intellectually advanced in quite a few areas (she has been able to write her own name for at least a year, and has recently moved onto other writing at her own request, an excellent memory and can recite stories she has heard once or twice verbatim, she can do very basic addition and subtraction, can identify all the letters of the alphabet, loves puzzles and pre-school books with challenging puzzles in them, she can sew and do fine motor skill work) but she is still only just four years old. She is in normal kinder and I try to supplement that with the rhythms and focuses of Waldorf principles but I just wondered what the consensus was around this subject. Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas? I need to keep her interested and active as she is an unusually energetic ‘wired’ child and very willful and stubborn to boot! I find that the handwork or fine motor work craft stuff we do is the only time she is really still (or as still as she gets!). I’d love a post about this. Thanks Kat

    • Hi Kat — Lovey land’s blog is actually closed period. She is my dear friend in real life so I know this 🙂
      As to your other question, will email you at some point privately or find a back post, I am sure this has come up in the past..

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