More About Melisa Nielsen’s Workshop

Some more interesting points from Melisa’s workshop that  I attended over the weekend that I am still digesting:

She talked at length about getting comfortable with the idea of Spirit/Source/God as a foundation of your Waldorf homeschooling experience and what that might look like in your home and family life (Please see the post entitled “Refreshed and Renewed” for more details about that!)

She talked at length about reading Steiner for yourself and/or listening to the audio archives of Steiner’s available on the Web as the second part of your foundation for Waldorf homeschooling.

She talked at length about taking care of yourself, your family, self-care for the homeschooling mother, the role of the father, finding alone time, how to handle chores for children of different ages, allowances, feeding the whole family.  How to get all this done so you have time to homeschool, LOL!

Melisa talked about the question of is it possible to combine Waldorf homeschooling with Unschooling or with Classical approaches.

She talked about the differences between providing a Waldorf education at home based upon Steiner’s indications versus attendance at a Waldorf school.

There was so much more that was so interesting, but it might be thought-provoking for you, dear Reader, to look at some of those topics above and think about how you feel about those things, how those things look in your family.

If you have comments, please do leave them in the comment section.  I would love to hear what you  have to say!

In Peace,



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