Wonderful Waldorf: The Gifts That Waldorf Brings

I have been studying the works of Dr. Steiner, Steiner education, biodynamic agriculture, anthroposophic medicine, and human development for 20 years now. It has been a fruitful adventure, with gifts I never anticipated. I found the idea of “Waldorf homeschooling” in a book from the library when my oldest, who is now 21, was three years old. It was a book that gave a brief description of each type of homeschooling – classical, unschooling, Charlotte Mason, etc. Waldorf homeschooling was in there, and what was said was enough to pique my interest. I gathered copies of Steiner’s lectures on education and stated there. This quickly morphed into beginning to celebrate the festivals of the year and into learning all that I could from Waldorf educators. I found other people in my area who also were excited about Waldorf parenting and education and we formed a homeschool group.

Waldorf Education and parenting has brought as many gifts to me as it has our children. It led us to de-mechanize our home and do things by hand in order to involve our children in work. It led to being outside and celebrating the seasons and festivals. It led to wonder and imagination and beauty in the arts. It led to simplifying the way we parented.

Waldorf education has so much to give in the home environment and so much healing potential for families. It’s been a lovely journey and one that I am still on as a developing adult – always growing and learning. The seasons, the festivals, the spiritual human being, the arts all hold as much joy and promise for me as when we held all of that for our children.

Who doesn’t need more goodness, beauty, and truth in their lives? Stay beautiful, friends!

Many blessings,


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