Small Step Monday

This past week was an exercise in frustration: our third week of homeschooling for the year technically but we lost week number two due to illness and then there were a lot of bumps during week number three.


Two vet visits and a farrier visit to the farm

Driving to the vet to get the kittens spayed and neutered

A challenging time for a family member states away that involved multiple calls to hopstial staff and others.

(We also ran up to our daughter’s university at the beginning of the week and she came home to celebrate her birthday but that wasn’t a distraction or impacted school. It was very welcome!! <3)

Week number three was a long week, and while we got some things done it certainly didn’t feel as productive as it could have been.

But the reality is that many weeks in homeschooling are like this than not; always juggling and trying to hit moving targets. It was easier when the children were smaller, because I think our lives were more about holding the rhythm in our home, but now there are lots of outside forces that influence things…

Small steps are what is needed.

I had made a little general written flow to our homeschooling days, and while it didn’t work perfectly this week, I think it is generally going to work just fine. I don’t have the luxury of planning a lot of margin into our days or weeks, but that’s ok. We keep moving forward!

The thing that suffers the most when we have a lot of outside pull is the creative pieces because creativity requires time and space. So, I decided to build our foundation around this piece first thing and see how that goes.

How are you making your homeschooling work for you?