Despite what is frequently portrayed in media, development doesn’t end in our twenties; of course we grow and change throughout our lifetime. This is my birthday weekend and on Monday I will begin another trip around the sun!

My few years into the decade of my 50s with its backdrop of COVID, political drama, economic uncertainty has certainly been a strange decade so far in many ways. The book “The Human Life” by George and Gisela O’Neil and Florin Lowndes is always a good reminder as to what to expect with aging in a more archetypal sense that transcends immediate circumstances.

Of the years 49-56 they write: “At the onset of the second phase, traumas are possible. It is as though new vitality were lent man, and adjustments are called for. For the one still adaptable, whose sense of humor or perspective is intact, the transition can be smooth. Symptoms can be reminiscent of adolescence. In the profession it is called “the change of life”, and here, definitely, distinctions are permitted. The “he” who avoid self-knowledge in these years is prone to the heart attack – a rather two-meaninged expression: either late summer romance or hospital care. The “she”, of course, much reckon with a metamorphosis of bodily forces into “spirit-life” powers. The powers of maturity now manifesting can be seen in the forcefulness with which a person in these years can promote a new cause. It can be seen in the power which an older eurythmist or an older actor has on stage, or an older teacher with young children. There is something quite different from the talent and skill with which younger people are endowed. It is as though the wisdom of life becomes now instinct in their whole being…..”In summary: whereas in the forties one is conscious of the ideas one has in mind, in the fifties one can find the strength to bring to life these ideas as intentions, and only in the years following will one have the native ability to realize these ideas and intentions in their final forms.”

I love this idea that the most productive period to come, of final forms of ideas being produced. I have several projects on a personal level and watching them come to life is exciting. Some are small scale, like steps toward my own health. Some are medium scale such as the farm and what we intend to produce and how we intend to shape the house and the land. Some are larger such as how to carry out my professional work into my retirement years and what my husband and I will do in retirement. I am lucky to have him by my side and I also so lucky to have been able to watch my children grow up to this point – they are now going to be 21, 18, and 13 this year. What a gift and a treasure to be here with them, to be working and helping people, to be on our farm.

The few things I have learned in these decades outside of loving people, always loving people, always meeting people where they are is that we need effective ways to educate and bring balance to our young people. We need to help our children develop their will and new skills and new faculties as they navigate their 20’s and then 30’s. The later 30’s and early 40’s can be lonely times, but as we head into our 50’s perhaps we can see a new progression toward community, building our family up again, re-connecting, seeing unity – at least perhaps in those awake enough to think along these lines! How can we best prepare our children for that point?

Peace from my corner of the world,


13 thoughts on “50’s

  1. Dear Carrie, Happy Birthday! I always read your blogs and send you love and blessings, and this week I send extra of both, along with much gratitude for your sharing which bring much life and goodness to us. I celebrate you and what the future is bringing you in your 50’s.
    And…that’s an awesome quote!

  2. Happiest continuation day to you, Carrie! hope this is a lovely year full of growth, health, and LOVE.
    Thank you for sharing your insights!
    2nd time trying to leave a reply sorry if this is a duplicate!

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday, Carrie! I’m so happy for you for your wonderful outlook as you embark on this new year and move further into the 50s and I’m so grateful to you for sharing these thoughts with your readers. I’ve read your posts for years and they always resonate so deeply for me, offering just the encouragement I need in my parenting journey. This post is so nurturing as I’ll turn 42 this autumn and I’m definitely feeling a bit “stuck” lately — as you quoted, I have so many ideas but seem to lack the time and energy to make them happen and I’d been feeling frustrated thinking that, by the time my kids are in college, I’ll just be stuck with menopause and it’ll be “all downhill” from there. Your words bring such encouragement and inspiration reminding me that there is new strength and greater wisdom and inspiration the years to come! Thank you and best wishes πŸ™‚

    • Hi Kate!
      Thank you so much for your kind words – I think what you are feeling is so normal, and 50’s and 60’s are great productive decades! Lots to look forward to!
      Blessings and love,

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