Uncertainty and The Sphere of Agriculture

“A course of this kind naturally makes many demands, for it will show us to what an extent the interests of Agriculture are bound up with those of the widest circles of human existence and that there is scarcely a single sphere of life which has not some relation to Agriculture.” From Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture Lecture I, 1924

I talk to people all day long as a physical therapist, as a lactation consultant, as a parenting and homeschooling consultant, and I think there is a lot of despair and unsettled feelings related to overall background of life right now:

The pandemic.

Political situations.

Gun violence.

The economic situation

The rates of depression, anxiety, suicide in young children

I told my husband the other day that sometimes I feel like we are watching Rome fall, but instead of the Roman roads crumbling and eventually castles and fiefdoms are taking over, now there is retreating into an increasingly physically isolated but interconnected digital world. We saw this during the pandemic with a necessary shift to everything being online, but I think the other thing we saw is that this gave people the ability to move out of cities and find increased acreage/ land due to the ability to work remotely.

So, when people ask me how I think we are going to deal with the things going on in the world, I can’t help but wonder if some of it will be healed by agriculture and coming back to the land. There is nothing like healing emotional and mental anguish with working on the land, being in nature.

Many of us are homesteading in whatever capacity that means to us, whether we are on acres of land or in an apartment. Many people I know have three months or more of water and food stocked up just in case job situations change or the supply chain runs short. Most of the farmers I know believe that hay and grain will be hard to come by this fall and winter, which in turn will affect food prices.

I think the other positive thing that has happened is people are living smaller – Instagram is full of families taking to the road in RV’s or living on boats. Mobility is a good thing, and while full time RV living has been around for years, I think the numbers have really gone up in the past few years. People are opting out of a mortage and instead living simply. They get to be in nature, and pursue hiking, biking, travel, and being together. I think this trend will continue and since housing prices are high, it may end up being a typical way for young couples to start out as well.

So, I often meditate on the fact that we can as a people be healed if only we could return to simpler ways and into nature. I read an article this morning about expats retiring in other countries and one thing they were distressed about was having a beautiful ocean –and sitting on their surfboard or walking the beach and seeing all the plastic float around them.

Live smaller, live simply.

Reduce, recylce, reuse.

If you have land, grow something, nurture something and as we do this people will be healed and nurtured.

So instead of bemoaning the current state of the background of life, I often find the small and still voice – what can I do in nature today? What can I grow today? What can I do where I am right now?



3 thoughts on “Uncertainty and The Sphere of Agriculture

  1. This really resonates with me! We’ve been living in California and renting for close to 20 years now, and looking at buying a house has always seemed daunting. We have been gardening forever in our rental space and now thinking seriously (looking) for property and land in other states. Healing the land, nourishing our bodies with local fresh food, and living simply has become more and more important to us. We are ready for the next season of life! Hoping to find a welcoming Waldorf community for our rising 3rd and kindergartener. I homeschooled for 1st grade but am working more now….maybe a return to homeschooling with a Waldorf community that feels right. Many thanks for your wise words and i have been grateful for them many times past as well especially when my children were babies… Thank you Molly

    • Hi Molly! So lovely to hear from you! Yes, we have a lot of folks from California moving here to my state of Georgia, but I think to the entire Southeast as well. There is an established school/homeschool community in Jacksonville, FL you might be interested in and there is an in person pod of Lotus and Ivy in Northeast Georgia. I can’t wait to hear where you all end up, and I hope you get just the land and community you are searching for! Sincerely, Carrie

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