Creating the Heart of Family Life

The heart of the home and homeschooling lies within us to create. This can be a difficult work, especially when our children are small and we feel like we are inventing something brand new and discovering layers of ourselves and our family. It involves sinking into challenges and imagining new solutions. It involves finding balance and health, exploring wonder, finding gratitude. It’s a good place and a good work for these times of sadness, despair, tumult. The next generation is depending upon it.

How we do this looks different for each and every person.

For some, it could involve prayer, meditation, or other spiritual work.

For some, it could involve family meetings and great communication with a spouse or partner.

For some, it could involve having self-care and time to create and think and plan.

For some, it could involve a strong rhythm to find time.

For some, it could involve a lot of time outside in nature in order to feel centered and ready to take on the tasks of homemaking, parenting, homeschooling.

For some, it could involve finding the goodness in each day, and seeing the wonder.

For some, it could involve spending less time on social media.

For me, I have done all these things over the years in an effort to keep homemaking and homeschooling (and now working outside the home) sustainable. Prayer is a touchpoint of my day, and so is communicating with my spouse – walking and working together helps. When our children were small they went to bed early and that also gave us some time to talk and catch up. Rhythm is the biggest single help to me on a very practical level to make sure I have time to do all the things I need to do.

My challenge to you is to choose the most essential parts in order to make the heart of your homemaking and homemaking and make your rhythm around those! I can’t wait to hear how things go for you.

Many blessings,