Resources for Homeschooling Ninth Grade

The Waldorf arts-based curriculum is very beautiful in that it is a spiral that keeps growing deeper as teenagers move into a new developmental phase. Age 14 and up in high school is about finding truth in the world and taking responsibility. When it comes to homeschooling this age, the materials for Waldorf homeschooling do become less generally but there are some gems out there!

Ninth graders are interested in “What?” and how they can jump into the modern world with both feet. Polarities in feelings is evident, and Waldorf education works with this through the polarity of comedy and tragedy in literature, in charcoal drawing, and in science. Another interesting perspective can be found here: Parzival and the Journey of Adolescence – Waldorf Library

Some of my favorite resources for ninth grade are:

Literature: Comedy and Tragedy: Christopherus Homeschool Resources » Comedy and Tragedy. Later on I did a block of African American literature, and we did a lot of poetry and short stories. We also used some of the books from Oak Meadow’s A Hero’s Journey.

History: Some Waldorf schools do Modern History (European), some do Modern American history (consider downloading the two ebooks here :BookLibrary Manager | | eBooks | Colloquium on World History – ( , some do other types of history depending upon the school, but one mainstay block is History Through Art. I found this article helpful: Arts and Their Relationship to Adolescent Development – Waldorf Library. For the content of the block itself, I used Rudolf Steiner’s lectures, an art history book I had in the house from college, and the book Modeling the Head in Clay: Creative Techniques for the Sculptor: Lucchesi, Bruno, Malmstrom, Margit: 9780823030996: Books

Foreign Language: We ended up using Oak Meadow’s Spanish and paying the enrollment fee for correspondence with a teacher for one child and the other child took Spanish outside the home in a hybrid high school.

Science: Earth Science: BookLibrary Manager | | eBooks | Earth Science – eBook ( plus varying examples I found online at different Waldorf Schools, Biology: I created a year long course even though that is typically just one block at a Waldorf School using Holt textbook, an Oak Meadow Syllabus, this article: Waldorf Journal Project 9: Teaching Biology in a Human Context – Waldorf Library and many resources from Bookstore — The Nature Institute and this compendium: BookLibrary Manager | | eBooks | Colloquium on Life Science and ( Ninth grade is also a great grade for field trips and classes at varying nature centers, etc. Many schools will do a block on thermodynamics and a block on organic chemistry as well.

Math: We did math with an outside class, but also used blocks on combinations and permutations with resources I found on Teachers Pay Teachers and a block on statistics. I also found this book helpful: BookLibrary Manager | | Grade Level | High School | Topics in Mathematics (

Other fun stuff was music, handwork, gardening, and all kinds of art.

Ninth grade can be a fun year! I would love to hear about your ninth grade experience.



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