Celebrating Lent As A Family

Lent will be starting next week. It feels more important to me than ever to celebrate this as our church is still mainly online with a few outdoor services, and because this past year has just been a combination of {{hard-do new things- different}}. It feels good that something can be the same!

Lent can be a time for true change, and it can be a time to strengthen our faith. It’s an annual spiritual check in – who am I? What have I done? What needs to happen moving forward? Am I stagnant? Do I need to give up something or do I need to take something on? I set forth a vision of “Build” for myself in January, and I am now looking into ways to make this vision come true, with very specific goals.

I think the simple focus of Lent can work so well in the home as a theme – simplicity. Work around the home is the most basic and therapeutic thing we can do with small children, and also can be so beneficial for older children and teens (and us as adults!). The arts that we include – painting, drawing, modeling, choral and instrumental music, drama, dance, speech recitation, handwork – all lead to renewed strength in facing life. Combining these two areas leads to good health for the family and provides a mirror of the awakening that occurs during Lent as we come out of the winter slumber. There is a children’s verse in the Wynstones Spring book I am reminded of that echoes this:

Little by little, the acorn said,
As it slowly sank in its mossy bed,

I am improving every day,

Hidden deep in the earth away. Little by little, each day it grew,

Little by little, it sipped the dew,

Downward it send out a tiny root,

Up in the air sprang a tiny shoot,

Day after day and year after year,

Little by little the leaves appear.

The slender branches spread far and wide,

Till the mighty oak is the forest’s pride.

So, this Lenten season, I encourage you to fast or grow or give up as you need to and with the advisement of your spiritual director. It is going to be a great season of growth! I would love to hear what you will be doing to celebrate Lent in your family, and if you have any personal goals for fasting, denial, or adding and growth.

Many blessings during this sacred season,


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