Peaceful Advent

This is the last week of Advent, the week in which we look with anticipation towards the renewal and hope brought to us through Christmas, and through the ideals that we carry peace and goodwill within our own hearts to share with all of mankind.

Tomorrow is also the Winter Solstice, the time celebrated for being the shortest day and the longest night. It marks the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, but I like to think of it instead of marking the darkest and longest days of acknowledging that each day from here on the daylight is lengthening and the darkness is shortening. In this year of 2020, a year of tumult and sadness for many, may we see the sunlight coming. If you are planning on marking solstice this year, I have some ideas for you Winter Solstice | The Parenting Passageway and Celebrating the Winter Solstice | The Parenting Passageway. We will be cutting up some oranges to dry out and make a garland, and make some Sun Bread as found in the book of the same title.

This week is a wonderful time to think about the Twelve Days (and Holy Nights) of Christmas that begin on Christmas Day. This is one of my favorite introspective times of the year. We all come to this Earth with gifts, with hopes, with our own thoughts and ideals and the ability to do good deeds for all of humankind and for the least among us. It is our gift to help and encourage and to provide the goodness and beauty we wish to see in this world.  We are here to love and serve others. This week is a perfect week to think about how to bring peace and light into all aspects of your life. What is serving you right now and what is not? Are you helping others in your life? Can you help encourage and bring peace to others? In the realm of homeschooling, is what you are doing serving you? How could you change things to live and learn even more deeply? That, to me, is the purest and truest form of homeschooling.

I usually pick a word for the upcoming year during this time. This year, my word for 2021 came early. And it’s the word “BUILD.” I have some exciting projects planned and ways to build up myself. my family, and those around me. My word last year was “RADIANT” and I felt like despite the events of 2020, we had a pretty radiant year – two new jobs and an advanced degree and specialty certification for me, a new sport for our older two children, one child starting at an out of state university and loving it – so blessed and yes, a radiant life despite the turbulence of the year. If you want to hear more about that word and how I work with the word of the year during Christmastide, please look Word of the Year | The Parenting Passageway.

Peaceful blessings for this week, may your light continue to shine,


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