New Normal

I am not sure I have “embraced” this new normal yet.  Have you?  How is the juggling going of school and working going?  There are times this new normal can feel overwhelming and anxiety-provoking.  There are times this new normal feels okay and comforting with my family and outside in my yard (and yes, I feel blessed to have a yard right now).  There are times this new normal is aggravating.  There are times this new normal feels quiet and peaceful.  All the feels!

I have seen a lot of posts asking  what one will “keep” out of this new normal.

I hope the increased empathy and kindness I have seen people give to each other in this time will stay.  I hope the outpouring of  love I have seen for all the teachers, first responders, medical personnel, environmental service workers, grocery store workers, military, farmers, and small business owner stays.

I hope the idea that being with your family (again, I understand not everyone has a loving family situation) can be better than so many of the outside activities that cause you to lose dinner together every night.  That is is okay to be home all together.

I hope the neighborliness of doing things to entertain the children stays (in my neighborhood we have had everything from talent shows on Zoom to collecting money for food for our local hospital to putting bears in the windows for a bear hunt for children).

On a materialistic note, I hope the uptick in being able to order and pick up, or the ability to use telehealth or attend religious services with on line streaming or  any of those things that brings more accessiblity also stays.  On line technology has felt increasingly important to me during this Holy Week in my religion.

So, tell me, is there anything lovely you will keep from this and be your new normal?



7 thoughts on “New Normal

  1. I agree with most of what you said Carrie, except the religious service part.
    I think the streaming of live masses may cause a steep decline in the faithful attending the real mass, as a lot of people will think that this is a good mass replacement for the future, when in reality we should gather and celebrate mass together as a community.
    The physical attendance at the Mass is spiritually essential for us Christians. Jesus is present during the Eucharistic celebration in various ways: in the person of the priest, in the proclamation of the Word, and in the assembled people: For “where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them.” (Mt 18:20)

    It is nice to watch the streamed masses, but I can’t wait to attend our parish mass again.
    I hope and pray that most people will go back to attending the living mass once we are allowed to resume our normal lives.

    Hope everybody stays healthy!


    • Absolutely – I hope people do attend mass in person and having the living eucharist is something you just can’t replace livestreaming. But this has made me aware of having the option, and really hopeful that the disabled and ill who can’t get out of their homes easily can participate on some level or even attract people who are unchurched and just happened to stumble upon it! So, I am looking forward to all options. Deepest happiness this Holy Week and please stay healthy and safe! Blessings, Carrie

  2. Thanks for another great post, Carrie. I think what I am hoping sticks (in addition to many of the things you’ve mentioned) is that we all stay more aware of how our actions affect other people and the environment. Remembering the vulnerable and we might still want to consider if our errand or social event is really so important that we should go out even if we are under the weather with something that might only minimally affect us could have a more detrimental impact on others. (I’m thinking here of that future without, I hope, coronavirus but that we still consider the elderly and vulnerable during flu season, etc.) Also considering our impact on nature and the environment, maybe making some days that are “Stay at Home for Mother Nature” Seeing how pollution etc. is clearing up after these quarantines and do we always need to go out if it involves driving our vehicles or can we sometimes make choices to stay home more? I think this plays into what you are saying with the virtual meetups and other such things as a way to stay connected from home. Also, something I have been trying to work on anyway but seems so important right now, too, is how can we use less, reuse more, and be conscious of our purchasing decisions — obviously we want to support the economy but thinking of ways we can “vote with our dollar” to support human rights and environmental welfare as best we can.

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