March is already upon us, with its fluctuating weather and promise of flowers and spring to come! March lives in my head as this beautiful, peaceful month of new foliage peeking out along with little spring flowers.   A month of wind and gardens to be planted.  A month of sunshine tossed with splattering rain and a little wind…but a good month full of shining new possibilities just as spring is beginning to emerge!

This month we are celebrating:

  • Lent
  • March 1st- The Feast of St. David
  • March 19th- Spring
  • March 25th – The Feast of the Annuciation, which we will celebrate at church
  • March 30th- The Feast of St. Innocent of Alaska

What I am loving right now:

  • Tulips
  • Sunny skies peeking through
  • The promise of spring break coming!
  • Great friends and coffee dates
  • Learning new things
  • Creating art

Homeschooling –

Homeschooling is going strong!  Our oldest is in the home stretch of senior year as we finish up microeconomics at home and head towards graduation.  We should have a college decisision soon!  Our middle child is at a wonderful hybrid high school, and our youngest is still fully immersed in fourth grade at home.  It’s an exciting time with many changes ahead!

Parenting – 

I find March can be an incredible month to re-read some of our favorite parenting books!  Some of my personal favorites are:

  • The 5 Love Languages of Children:  The Secret to Loving Children Effectively – Gary Chapman
  • Playful Parenting -Lawrence Cohen
  • Simplicity Parenting – Kim John Payne
  • Mitten Strings for God:  Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry – Katrina Kenison

Please leave a comment and share your favorite parenting books!

How is your March?


2 thoughts on “March

  1. Dearest Carrie –

    I am part of a site-based Waldorf-inspired independent study program in Northern California. We have a forest school, basically – hurts along a flowing creek and lots of hills and trees. It’s magical. We are about to close the program because of the virus. My son is in 4th grade.

    I do not want to impose too much, but I wondered if I could ask you to send a sample day for 4th just to give our 4th grade parents an idea of what to do. I understand if you’ve already got too much to do. Just trying to reach out for support at this time of big change.

    Joanna Fairfax, CA

    On Tue, Mar 3, 2020 at 12:50 PM The Parenting Passageway wrote:

    > Carrie posted: “March is already upon us, with its fluctuating weather and > promise of flowers and spring to come! This month we are celebrating: Lent > March 1st- The Feast of St. David March 19th- Spring March 25th – The Feast > of the Annuciation, which we will celeb” >

    • Hello Joanna! Hello to you and your families! Welcome here!
      Our basic rhythm is
      Movement ( could be walk, movement warm up, brain gym techniques, etc)
      Usually I do practice math here – Key To Math book series, problems from Saxon Math, ideas from Jamie York’s materials, Youcubed ideas
      Main Lesson (and we snack a lot here) So you can see the posts on fourth grade blocks for ideas for this
      Afternoons – could be music out in the community, hiking or meeting at the park or if we are home baking/juicing, free reading time
      Downtime before dinner or after dinner – games, knitting or crocheting
      Bedtime is by 8.

      Hope that helps! It is very simple and much less complicated than a traditional Waldorf school, but very typical for home. ❤

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