Updated Fourth Grade Planning

I have posted a few updates on Facebook at The Parenting Passageway page and on Instagram @theparentingpassageway, but here is an official updated planning post for fourth grade and where I am now…

  • I have laid out our school year and matched each week of our school year to a main lesson block topic
  • I looked at our “big picture rhythm” and thought ahead about festivals and birthdays
  • I have laid out a general rhythm for the school week – Mondays are journal writing and movement (and on selected Mondays, writing a rough draft of a letter in place of a journal entry); Tuesdays are yoga and journal writing; Wednesdays are  movement and the day for our fourth grader to cook dinner; Thursdays are mindfulness games, cleaning day, painting day, and instead of main lesson we will have nature studies or STEM kinds of activities or both.  Fridays we take off.
  • I made a quick list of each block by week on a legal pad and jotted down some brainstorming notes for practice ideas and projects.
  • This week I gathered many of my resources and grouped them into piles  by block or topic.

In my last post here, I detailed the order of my blocks.  So I started here:

  • August-  Man and Animal 1 which will flow into….
  • September/October – Local Geography and Man and Animal 2 – we will be looking at the regions of our state through habitats and our local animals/camping
  • November – Math/Introduce fractions
  • December- Geometry/ Form Drawing – most likely will draw from Viking Hero Tales by Isabel Wyatt
  • January – Norse Mythology
  • February – Birds of Prey (special interest of my student)- each morning I am going to try to work in fraction problems related to birds!  That should be interesting!
  • March – Weland the Smith – rather dark tale, but I think our son will love it.
  • April – African Tales/African Hero Tales/camping trips
  • May – Math in the Garden (leading into Botany for Fifth Grade)/ camping trips

And this is where I currently am from that:

  • August – Math Review of Measurement/Fractions (will introduce fractions over the summer) – I think with birds
  • September – Cherokee and African-American tales leading into local geography
  • September – Man and Animal 1 (2 weeks)
  • October – Man and Animal 2  (tied into animals of our state, keystone species of our state, review of geography)
  • November – Math – Geometry, review of fraction skills – adding and subtracting fractions (soul food American folk tales)
  • December – Thorkill of Iceland or Viking Tales, undecided, knots and forms
  • January – Math, Fractions – Norse Myths as “soul food” and we may draw or paint off of those
  • February –  Birds of Prey, report writing
  • March – Dream of King Alfdan or Weland the Smith (undecided and at the moment I can’t seem to locate either book in my house since I am in the midst of cleaning out our school room.  End of year woes).
  • April – Earth, Air, Wind, and Fire (soul food tales from The Golden Stag by I. Wyatt); Camping
  • May – African Tales

Right now I am essentially grouping books and resources into piles by block, and throwing possible read-alouds near there.  As I put blocks together more fully, I will post pics on IG/Facebook and update here.

Many blessings,


8 thoughts on “Updated Fourth Grade Planning

  1. Dear Carrie, It is my fervent hope that you continue with these blogposts. It is one of the few homeschooling/Waldorf inspired learning posts I find myself anticipating in my inbox. Thank you for writing succinct yet insightful and rich entries. I have always wanted to share this with you. Thank you! CG of Wakefield MA, mt W 6yo who is in public kindergarten and who might be homeschooled for Grade 1 if his mama can pull it together in time.

    On Mon, May 20, 2019 at 2:41 PM The Parenting Passageway wrote:

    > Carrie posted: “I have posted a few updates on Facebook at The Parenting > Passageway page and on Instagram @theparentingpassageway, but here is an > official updated planning post for fourth grade and where I am now… I > have laid out our school year and matched each week” >

    • CG That’s exciting! I am glad you are here, and best of luck pulling together first. It is a fun year, and I have lots of back posts for first grade. Blessings, Carrie

  2. You have made good progress. I have not even started yet, but we will also be doing fourth grade with my youngest. Are you doing Beowulf at all?

    • I don’t think so , but I am undecided about one of the blocks so I think I am going to keep searching for what resonates best. Lovely to hear from you!! BLessings and love, Carrie

    • Sure – yoga is often from my own head, but I do have yoga cards for kids. Mindfulness games are also often from my own head, but I have some of the tools from Generation Mindful as well that are nice. There are also CBT based games available on Amazon (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and ideas about growth mindset abound on Pinterest and on Teachers Pay Teachers. HTH Blessings, Carrie

  3. Hi Carrie; Have you ever taught form drawing to grades 4 and 2 at the same time? If so, how did you do this? My questions are about keeping both kids engaged while the other grade’s form is being taught, and not confusing both kids with forms they will not be drawing that day. Many thanks for your thoughts and time, Carrie. Karen

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