beautiful january

I love January – the possibility of cold and snow, the bright days perfect for walks, the many possibilities of decluttering the physical environment and the body and the soul in January!  It’s going to be a terrific month!


Here are some of the days we will be celebrating in January:

January 1 – New Year’s Day

January 6– The Feast of Epiphany and Epiphanytide that stretches until Lent begins on March 6th this year.

January 21 – Martin Luther King, Jr Day – also celebrated January 15 and April 4 in The Episcopal Church

Janaury 18– The Feast Day of St. Peter

January 25 – The Feast Day of St. Paul


third grade – we are continuing to work hard on reading and are starting off our semester with a block of Hebrew Stories/Old Testament tales as traditional in the Waldorf curriculum in this grade.  We are using All About Reading for practice as well since reading has been a struggle and will continue daily work in math.  Please follow me on Instagram @theparentingpassageway as that is where I will be posting third grade work this month.

eighth grade – we are continuing with our year round course of pre-algebra, and starting our semester with a block on Revolutions that will include the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, The French Revolution, Simon Bolivar, and the Mexican Revolution.

eleventh grade – we are continuing with our year-long courses in Chemistry and in American Government/Social Justice.  Our eleventh grader also has AP Psychology, Pre-Calculus,and  AP Language outside of the home

sustainability –

I am a generous giver. I have decent boundaries, but can get really wrapped up in other people’s challenges and other people’s energy and take it all on as my own if I am not careful.  I have improved immensely in this area in the last 2 years, and am proud of my progress.  So, for even more sustainability and in the spirit of knowing that my needs are to be equally valued, this New Year I am prioritizing self-care in the form of exercise outside the home as I find it hard to exercise in my house, health appointments (which for me, since I had a health crisis last year, means still going to  doctor appointments), healthy eating, having super fun with my spouse and our friends, and using a protocol  created by acupuncturist Desiree Mangandog called “I Am Worthy”

I sit down and plan my self-care that has to be outside of the home for the week on Sundays.  Simple things I do at home that don’t require as much planning included journaling, meditating, tapping, use of The Book of Common Prayer daily, and epsom salt baths.


third grader – there aren’t really any children that come outside to play with in our neighborhood and since his sisters are middle to older teens, movement (which I have to spearhead) is a priority above and beyond school.  His social needs are also a priority because he is very extroverted.

eighth grader – we are getting plans in place for homeschooling high school (all subjects will be homeschooled, none will be outside the home at this point). She is a great help in the house, and my parenting work with her are the typical goals in order to be successful in high school, and to continue to develop  connection to the family and  compassionate character.

eleventh grader – we are working on college visits, and getting through the junior year of standardized testing, and connection.  I think this is an important time to connect as a family and as a mother-daughter team.  We have an idea to take a little trip for just the two of us, so I think that will work out and be an amazing way to connect.

home life-

I am sticking with very simple cleaning and decluttering routines and asking for help. I cannot homeschool and do everything we do outside the home and do continue taking care of the house as if it is my ful-time job. However,  I also cannot stand a messy or dirty house as I am a very visual person, and we really don’t have the money for an outside cleaning person.  So, that leaves simplicity and asking for help as our family is a team!

Crafting – I love the little crafts I associate with January, including window stars, rose windows, snowflakes, candlemaking.  I hope to post pictures of some of our processes on Instagram @theparentingpassageway and on The Parenting Passageway’s Facebook page.


I can’t wait to hear what you are up to this beautiful January!

Blessings and love,


8 thoughts on “beautiful january

  1. Hi Carrie!

    Happy New Year!

    We are somewhat new to the homeschooling world. My eldest is in 1st grade this year, so we haven’t been homeschooling long, and are still working out routines, curriculums, etc. that work best for our family, but we are having fun along the way.

    Your posts are a blessing to me! They are so uplifting and inspirational. As I am sure your transparency and support are much appreciated by other homeschooling parents as well. 🙂

    You mentioned meditation as part of your self-care in the new year. Meditation is a part of my self-care as well. I just started recording meditations. If you are interested, and get a chance, I would be honored to hear what you think.

    Sending You and Your Family Love,

    ~Aliya Catherine Wilde 🙂


    • So glad you are here, Aliya, and thank you for sharing your link! Much love to you all in this New Year! Blessings and love, Carrie

  2. Carrie, I love this format of summary for the month! It is so lovely to read and I might borrow the idea for writing for myself/my family. I could have written something quite similar with regard to home care!

    • Hi Nur! Lots of ways – playing with siblings at the barn while the older two girls ride, playing with kids in the neighborhood and at our place of worship – Sunday school and outings,, being in a one day a week homeschool enrichment program taught by an outside teacher, seeing cousins, being in karate class and choir and band, arranging playdates, playing at the park. There is a nature club we want to be a part of but keep having conflicts with the dates…. I think there are so many ways to meet socialization in the homeschool environment, and a lot of it depends upon what opportunities are in your area. If you don’t see the opportunity you are seeking, you can always create it! However, always remember, as a homeschooler, I think most of us have the perspective that the family is the first and foremost unit of socialization. On this subject, I recommend the book, “Hold On To Your Kids”. Interesting reading! Also, socialization often depends upon how extroverted or how introverted the child is him or herself. Some kids need more or less opportunities than others. Our third grader is highly extroverted and gets along with anyone of any age – adult down to toddlers, and he needs more opportunities for that than my introverted children. Blessings, Carrie

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