We work with the idea of polarities in Waldorf Education – things of attraction, and things of repulsion.  We see this in the universe and  in the human body at work, and we see it in homeschooling and parenting.

In general we have an idea of –

Balance of inside and outside the home – too much outside of the home and we feel stretched and thin and weary.  Too much inside the home and we may feel isolated and alone.

Balance of structure and unstructured – too much structure and we lose the cozy, relaxing feeling of home.  Too much unstructured time and we lose forward momentum toward progress or goals or even toward balance. Sometimes it takes structure both as a homemaker, student, and teacher to tackle something we don’t like or we don’t want to do.

Balance of being part of the whole family and being an individual person – the older I get the more important it is to me to have a little individuality, a little bit apart that is me.  I am part of the family and enjoy that, but that is not my only thing to enjoy anymore. I think this may be part of the seven year cycles of adult development and may change as one ages.

Balance of  adult-led teaching and child-led teaching. As a Waldorf homeschooler, I look to the time and place in which we live, the child in front of me and his or her interests and the ideas that come from a place of developmental health.

Balance of rest and activity.  So many mothers feel as if they are running on all cylinders, running crazy all the time but is that true activity towards health?  What is the balance of the spiritual, physical, and emotional?

Please share with me your ideas about balance.

Blessings and love,



3 thoughts on “Balance

  1. This is so much of what I’ve been pondering as the school year comes to a close and I’m planning next year. I’m feeling like I need to shift priorities around a bit and that may help with balancing everything. I’m really struggling with how to get “all the things done”in the day. Also, I’m thinking about how to balance our year better by shortening the school year. We have 6 months of winter or almost winter so I’d like to have as much of the other months as possible to just enjoy the outdoors!

  2. Most of all my early morning and late night personal mom time helps bring balance to our homeschool life style. Also keeping our out-of-the-house activities limited to days out only keeps us from running ragged and looking forward to homeschooling days. A Year round schedule helps elleviate the stress of “not finishing.” I have learned not to lesson plan too far ahead as well and to always write it in pencil. 😉

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