The Fourth Week of Advent and a SPECIAL offer

This year, the fourth week of Advent is very short since it is also Christmas Eve Day and then we are thrust into the joy and splendor of Christmastide!  There are some wonderful activities for the fourth week of Advent, including baking gingerbread men, adding human figures to your Advent spiral.  There are wonderful stories for this week.

But most of all, this fourth week of Advent is about LOVE for humankind. Are there any single mothers who might need your help?  Maybe their children would like to go shopping and get their parent a gift.  Are there any people around you who you know are having such a tight Christmas financially that maybe a card for groceries would make a huge difference?  Is someone suffering through grief and loneliness this holiday?  Can you listen, walk with them, have them over.

This is a short week this Advent, but I really encourage you to look outside of your realm and see if you can help anyone else.  I am grateful we were in a space this year to help several families out.  It really was the best!  Let us teach our children that this is what Advent and Christmastide is all about!

I had several mothers contact me this past week about working with them to set new patterns and new intentions in their family life and homeschooling.  I don’t normally do consulting and answer a lot of email questions for free.  I have for years and years.  But this year, in a spirit of love and encouragement, I am offering half hour and full hour phone consultations through the month of January.  If you would like a phone consultation, with me please email be at to reserve your spot.

Many blessings to you in this special week.  Looking ahead, may your 2018 be bright.


6 thoughts on “The Fourth Week of Advent and a SPECIAL offer

  1. Hi Carrie

    I would love a 30 min phone consult. We homeschool daughter 8yo (and toddler son). Kindly advise next steps?

    with many, many thanks,


    • Thank you, Nicola! The phone consultations are actually for payment (eight slots, which are full now) plus free half hour phone consults for single mothers and, of course, I always answer email questions for free! The next phone consultation spots will be in June. 🙂 Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, Nicola! Lots of love to you! Hugs, Carrie – I keep wishing you could get out to one of our girl’s weekends in person 🙂

    • They should be paid and I am not surprised he slots are filled. I probably need one, but I wasn’t seeking one. I just wanted to give you a thumbs up! I wish I lived closer for mom’s night/weekend out with you ladies, too!

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