Great Gifts for Waldorf Homeschooling Mothers

Waldorf homeschooling mothers work so hard!  In a homeschooling world of workbooks and textbooks, Waldorf mothers are often penetrating artistic and academic activities centered around developmental themes for multiple grades.  It is absolutely no easy task, and it takes a lot to bring it every day!

So, with that in mind, I wanted to highlight a few things perhaps you or another Waldorf homeschooling friend would love for the holidays:

For Self-Care

Tea and honey

Beeswax candles

Bath Bombs

Essential Oils

Gift certificate for a massage

Gift certificate for yoga classes

Brush for Dry Skin Brushing

Great lotions or soap

Inner work resources:  Towards the Deepening of Waldorf Education might be a good choice or And Who Shall Teach the Teachers?


Books For Thoughtful Family Life

For all mothers:  Adventures in ParentingAnthroposophic Medicine for all the Family: Recognizing and Treating Common Disorders

For mothers with small children: How To Create The Star of Your Family Culture WorkbookWell I Wonder

For mothers with older children  Managing Screen Time: Raising Balanced Children in the Digital Age



For School: 

Chalk:  These  are on my list to try!

Watercolor Paints

Plant-dyed yarn

Waldorf Education in Practice

I would love to hear what is on your holiday list for yourself this year!

Blessings and love,


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