Getting Ready for Winter!

The temperature has finally dropped here in the Deep South. It feels much colder than it acutally is, because we have been living with temperatures above 85 degrees F for so many months.

This is a great time to take stock of what one needs for winter.  This is my checklist, and I would love to share it with you:

Do I have the supplies to make elderberry syrup?  (so, for me, that is essentially stinging nettle, yarrow, lemon balm, echinacea, elder berries and elder flowers along with spices and local honey)

Do I have the herbs to add to bone broth? (so, for me, that includes burdock and dandelion root and astragulus)

Do I need any other herbal tonics to get me through the winter?  I like the Urban Moonshine blend mentioned in Aviva Romm’s article here

Do I have our cabinet stocked with things for colds and flu?  Silver throat spray,  Theives Oil or a variation, other essential oils, homeopathic remedies, etc.

How (and where) is our outerwear ?  To me, this includes mittens or gloves, hats, warm socks, jacks, snow pants, and boots.  For kids, I still love LL Bean Boots, but I know everyone has their favorites.

Who needs woolens? I like to get mine from Green Mountain Organics.   If you are wondering about warmth in children, I recommend this article about “Warmth, Strength, and Freedom.”

Who needs long shirts or sweaters?

Do I have flannel sheets? Sleep is super important, and I think the winter months are a prime season to take advantage of sleeping longer.

Am I prepared to slow the rhythm of our week down? I think this is natural seasonal adjustment.  August, September, and October can be super busy here with marching band for our oldest and horse shows, but I find things in November and December can be calmer if we block it out that way, and then January and February tend to be fairly calm on their own.

Do I have crafting supplies and other inside fun at the ready?  One thing I ordered this week is three months of Happy Hedgehog Post. It was a gift to myself and especially our second grader to have some indoor fun.  Other ideas include having baking supplies on hand, wool, yarn, craft kits, art supplies, snuggly blankets for fort building.

Where are our beeswax candles and lanterns from past Martinmas festival celebrations?  These can make the school area especially lovely during the darker winter months.

When will I see people?  I feel tired and  am ready to withdraw after our busy three months starting school, but I would like to still see people.  I am thinking of hosting a hygge morning during January and February as mentioned in this article..

We have animals, so I also check what the animals might need. Our horses need sheets and blankets, our dog has little booties for icey conditions.  I try to make sure I have ordered enough horse feed and that we have toys on hand for our dog.

Please share with me the ways you get ready for winter!  I would love to hear all of your ideas!



8 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Winter!

  1. I’ve just discovered elderberry syrup from a friend and have been using it as for the kiddos, but almost out! Would love a good elderberry syrup recipe if anyone can share? I’ve never made it, not even sure where to find elderberries?

    • Hi D’Arcy! Mountain Rose Herbs has elderberries and also Frontier through Amazon. You can always buy premise, or make it yourself. The typical recipe is usually just elderberries and water and strain and add honey. I will see if I can find a link for you!

  2. Any suggestions for a an infant to boast immune system? since I’m not working I’ve been taking baby out more. Baby had a cold and made chicken soup which helped but two weeks later got a viral stomach bug. I know it was from a baby play gym. We do Vitamin D drops. Thinking of adding Vitamin C as well. Thanks! Great tips!

    • Almost 11 months. Since I lost my job we’ve been doing more outings and she’s got sick twice this month! She eats really well and is still breastfeeding. So wondering how to still have fun and stay germ free! Thanks

    • Hi Michelle,
      I hope my readers have suggestions because honestly I can’t think of much other than what you are doing already and to keep washing hands, which I am sure you are doing as well.

    • I myself would never get sick before baby boy how things changed. I order mushroom pills and zinc for me since we’ll be around kids but what would you give an infant? thanks

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