The Parenting Passageway: In Photos

I have always resisted putting photographs on this page because so many mothers look at these beautiful photos of a (single moment) snapshot of someone’s beautiful world and then immediately put themselves down.  In that exact moment, the developmental and holistic parenting and education offered by this blog would cease to be able to be created in the home by one family for their children.  Therefore, I have always resisted it.

However, times have changed.  Many people do not even read blogs anymore.  Most on-line discussion  has switched to Facebook.  The highly visual Instagram and Pinterest are more popular than ever.  More and more people are contacting me and telling me that whilst they actually do like having no photographs in this space, they wish they could see pictures of chalkboard drawings or Waldorf Education in practice or visual snippets about parenting and homeschooling from this page somewhere.  It is a visual generation!

So, I have started to post more pictures and quick snapshots of our days on The Parenting Passageway Facebook page.  In the days between blog posts, you will find a wide variety of artistic offerings, discussion starters, and more.   So, please come on over if you enjoy Facebook and/or visual images.  I would love to see you here and on the Facebook page.

Blessings and love,


2 thoughts on “The Parenting Passageway: In Photos

  1. I have enjoyed seeing your photos. Thanks for sharing them! I would love to see photos here, too, if you ever feel like it. I really enjoy the depth that blogs allow.

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