Homeschooling From Rest: The Morning Routine

One of the biggest challenges in homeschooling multiple children is coming to homeschooling from a place of rest, and holding rest as a value throughout the school year.  I wrote post about this subject with some suggestions, and today I would like to focus on the morning routine and having a beautiful morning

I think if you want peace in your home, then you have to think about the morning routine.  It is hard to get up and have children or other household members bombarding you with things they need before you are barely awake and not ready to face the day!  Many homeschooling parents do not consider themselves morning people, so I think the morning routine could be even more important in these cases because it is much easier to be more of a morning person if the morning goes well.

So, the creation of a beautiful morning requires some reflection. Many of my readers co-sleep with children, so everyone is up at the same time, but if you have the luxury, it is nice to think about what time you would like to be with your children and start the day.  What would peace in the morning look like for you – does it mean you need to prepare things the night before? get up before others in your family?  start your day with exercise or meditation or prayer and then deal with people?  take a family walk first thing?  Only you, as the architect of your family, can decide these things. Every family is different,and I think it is important to explore what works for you personally.


Here are possibilities to consider for the morning outside of care for others:

Spiritual tasks – prayer, meditation, yoga, gratitude journaling

Physical tasks – exercise, drinking lemon water, eating a nourishing meal

Mental tasks – looking at the day ahead,  setting forth ideas and intentions about the day that is beginning, list top one to three priorities to accomplish for the day

I would love to hear about your morning wake-up times and how you structure your morning routine!




7 thoughts on “Homeschooling From Rest: The Morning Routine

  1. Wonderful topic and inspiration as I’m struggling to get back to some morning routine after the summer. My husband teaches and so has been home this summer which is WONDERFUL, but another struggle for me to getting back to a rhythm.

    How I start the morning seems to have a HUGE impact on the flow and feel of the day. I get up around 5:15- have coffee and read and/journal. I make my list for the day and I like your idea of top priorities! I then do a simple oil massage–called abhyanga, yoga for 45 minutes then shower (or shower before yoga). The oil massage is a super calming activity as well as practical (oh so smooth skin in this dry climate). I started with it periodically, then it grew into a mostly daily practice. I have been amazed at the impact on my nervous system, my sense of self…and overall connection to my well being! I recommend it to everyone I know!!! The goal is breakfast around 7:45, then quick tidy and candle lighting, songs at 8:30ish to begin lesson time…

    This year we will begin a loose outline of the things we are doing (an agenda of sorts) on the board…help us all stay on track…

    Here’s to morning routines!!! Sheila

    • Hi Sheila!
      We use a rhythm on a board as well, and I hand out paper weekly schedules to those seventh grade and up and also monthly dates for them to put in student planners (seventh grade and up). Oil massage sounds fantastic! Video links?

  2. Yes, those are great tips for the older ones! I think I need to make a monthly one for myself.

    One thing I forgot to mention about the oil massage is I warm the oil. I use a recycled dropper bottle (filled with oil) and I place it in a ceramic container with hot water for 10 minutes or so. Applying the warm oil– even on warm days is so amazingly soothing. I’m often “cold” and so I find this practice to be as wonderful as a hot shower — or better!!
    This link below has a great summary of it. The practice is one from Ayurveda.

    I think why I most suggest it to friends is that it is really a wonderful opportunity to nurture oneself….try it once and you’ll see!!!

  3. I love that you acknowledge that getting out of bed without little ones knowing it and waking up too is a reality in some families. We no longer co-sleep, but live in a cabin with a loft. My daughter sleeps on a trundle bed on the floor. I have to be a ninja to make it out of the bedroom without her knowing! The two other homeschooling resources I use stress how important it is for Momma to get out of bed for some personal time before the family awakes. I completely agree I am a better Mom and easier to be around if I get up and get a cup of coffee before seeing people. Their insistence and my living situation was making me feel a bit defeated, so THANK YOU for your acknowledgement. On days that I am stealthy, It will be a good day. On the others, we always seem to make it through to the end of the day!

    • Truth, SweetP! I think most, if not all of us, have been there!
      My kids have stealth mommy detectors!

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