July Menu Planning

Menu planning can feel so slack in the summer heat.  Not many feel like standing over a hot stove in the heat and here it is hot and humid.  I sure didn’t feel like cooking either, and felt like we were grilling a lot or having breakfast for dinner toward the end of June.

So, for July, I did a different way of menu planning than I ever have done before.  I took a piece of watercolor paper and divided it into four sections: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks/desserts.  From there I just filled in recipes, and will choose from these dishes each week when I menu plan and grocery shop.

For breakfast, I have dishes to choose from such as:  tropical overnight oats, overnight oatmeal power bowl, black bean rancheros, veggie frittata, berry quinoa, or yogurt pancakes.

For lunch, I have mainly salad choices and bowls:  burrito bowl, bacon/egg/rice bowl, chicken and cucumber -tomato salad, kale caesar salad, slow cooker baked potatoes, or lime shrimp and avocado salad.

For dinner, I have grilled chicken and tomatillos, roasted tomatillo salmon, Cuban bison flank steak, slow cooker bean burritos, mojito pork,  and chili-spiced fish with roasted cabbage.

For desserts and snacks I have hard boiled eggs and raw veggies, zucchini banana flaxseed muffins, grilled bananas or crockpot chocolate molten cake.

Share with me what you are eating or planning to try in July!


3 thoughts on “July Menu Planning

  1. I love this! I think I will borrow the idea of having a list of favorite, simple summer dinners posted. Our Monday-Saturday summer breakfast routine is: Fried eggs, yogurt with fruit and/or granola, smoothies, scrambled eggs (often with tex-mex garnishes), yogurt, and special breakfast on Saturday (always includes bacon or sausage :)). For lunches, I have gotten into the groove of making 1-3 protein salads each week that just have to be pulled out at lunchtime (or in the morning to take to the lake): egg salad, tuna, chicken or bean. We also have hard-boiled eggs on hand and lots of fruit (grapes, cherries, melon, berries). Dinners have been a bit more challenging, but we have wonderfu CSA, so we are loading on the veggies! Lots of salad to go with protein like sausages or steak.

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