Spring Menu Planning

May feels like a lovely time to plan a Spring menu.  Of course, down here where I live it is 86 degress Fahrenheit today and we have been swimming in the community pool, but spring eating nontheless!

Here are some thoughts and links I have been perusing:


Spring breakfasts from the Food Network

Smoothies, of course.


I am going to try making this:   Pepper -Rubbed Salmon with Melon Salsa

Tuna Salad, any variation

I also love any kind of fajita veggies wrapped in a lettuce leaf

I also want to try these: Poppy Seed Chicken Pitas


I have lately been making pork chops from our local farmer with cumin and other spices;  mango chicken; roasted asparagus and a lot of salad.

Sweet stuff:

My oldest has quite the sweet tooth.   I am currently searching for some delicious organic lemon-lime type desserts to make for her.

Please share with me what delicious spring dishes you have been making (or fall dishes, for my Down Under friends!)

Blessings and love,



4 thoughts on “Spring Menu Planning

  1. My kitchenaid mixer came with a little cookbook. It has a lovely recipe for lemon bars in it and they are so easy to make! I think if you just did a google of kitchenaid lemon bars it should come up. There is a crust layer, a cream cheese layer and the lemon layer on top. I never liked lemon desserts until I had these! If you can’t find the recipe and want to try it let me know and I’ll type t out for you! 😉

  2. Last night we had a really good sandwich on pita bread–salad greens from the garden for the base, then “falafel-esqu’ chickpeas (sauteed with onions, garlic and falafely spices), then topped with some creamy salad dressing. MUCH easier than homemade falafel! Nice summery meal…

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