The Parenting Passageway First Grade Workshop

The Parenting Passageway will be in Decatur, Georgia on February 18th for an entire day devoted to first grade homeschooling with indications from Rudolf Steiner and from the traditions of the Waldorf Schools.  Our topics will include:

  • The Five Pointed Star of Planning First Grade -including notes on observation, temperment, wamth and love, inner work and more
  • The goals and progression of capabilities to meet those goals for blocks including Form Drawing, Math, and Language Arts
  • Practice in drawing with block and stick crayons
  • Numerous ideas for movement and the development of the 12 Senses
  • Planning the Seasonal Year, including verses,  festivals, seasonal crafts and nature crafts,  wet on wet watercolor painting
  • Modeling sequences for first grade
  • How to Balance the Week and multiple children
  • Work and Play for Daily Rhythm with multiple children

I would love to see YOU there.  Please contact in order to attend!

Many blessings and looking forward to this workshop!



5 thoughts on “The Parenting Passageway First Grade Workshop

  1. Oh, my goodness, this sounds wonderful! If you ever have a workshop planned far in advance, I would travel across the country for it! Hope you have a terrific day…I know the parents in your workshop will!

  2. Will this become a yearly tradition? And will it change locations? I would love love to attend it sometime, but this year is not an option. What a wonderful idea though!

    • Hi Lydia!
      Not totally sure; I go where folks ask me to speak and where we can have six to ten participants. ❤
      We shall see what time holds and what folks are interested in pulling together.

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