Celebrating January

I just love January.  It has such a cozy feeling of candlelight, warm sweaters, a fire going, warm foods, books and handwork and board games.  This is one of my favorite months!

This month, in our family,  we are celebrating:

The Twelve Days of Christmas, January 1- January 5

Epiphany on January 6.  Are you getting ready yet?  Here are some suggestions for fun things to do with your children.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day – January 16

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity– January 18-25

This is the month of Feast Days for many Saints and Holy People, so I am thinking we may do some read alouds around the biographies of some of the famous Saints and missionaries.

All month long we will also be celebrating King Winter, Jack Frost, and animals in winter in art, song, and nature walks.  I hope to share a bit more of that with you all this month!

Things to love this month:

The January Book Box

Warming Meals

Fun things to do with children:

Cut out paper snowflakes, including really cool 3-D snowflakes; dip candles; roll candles; play board games or card games with your children;  draw, paint, model; whittle wood; make popcorn together; bake together; play in the snow – build snow forts; have snowball fights; snowshoe; downhill or cross country ski;  ice skate on a pond; read and tell stories; build forts inside; take a walk outside in the cold – look for animal tracks or berries or birds or all of the above; knit, crochet, cross stitch, finger knit, spin, sew; sing and make music together – learn some new songs; clean, scrub, dust, work around the house – rearrange furniture; go bowling or find an indoor swimming pool to swim in; write letters to family and friends; write stories together; snuggle on the coach with hot chocolate and marshmellows; cook for a neighbor; find a place of worship to attend and get involved; throw a party; clicker train your dog, cat, or other animal; take care of plants; start seeds indoors when it it is time

Get Your Rhythm Together:

Sometimes we just need a change of pace in January and we need a different rhythm than what we had before the holidays.  We can often start with the basics, such as rest and sleep times, meals, and times to be outside and then add in our task of the day, our household chores, our errand day, and if we are homeschooling, our homeschooling time.  Right now, my intention for January with a 9th, 6th and 1st grader is to have our  artistic rhythm look like this: Mondays baking and painting, Tuesdays coloring/drawing  in the afternoons,  Wednesdays modeling, Thursdays painting, and Fridays seasonal crafts/handwork.  All of us can work on projects with our first grader or our own projects and it feels nice and unhurried in an otherwise sea of main lessons for three children.  I have a household rhythm as well for each day of the week.  I would love to hear your rhythm for your home and family!

Get Your Homeschooling Together:

This is the month I am going to get together a few friends to read some of Steiner’s lectures on education.  If you are homeschooling a certain way, maybe you can all get together and discuss possible plans for fall homeschooling and bounce ideas off each other.  Maybe you can hold a tea and invite those interested in homeschooling to come.   Sometimes January is a good, quiet month to begin laying out the next school year as well.

Get Your Self-Care Together:

As part of my vitality practices, this year, I have pledged myself to daily prayer and gratitude and to exercise a certain number of days per month.  My husband and I are planning some date nights, and I am planning some outings with friends.  It promises to be a fun month!

I can’t wait to hear what you are up to!





8 thoughts on “Celebrating January

  1. Love this! We are working on rhythm this month, lots of outdoor play to feel the winter season, cozy candles and stories 🙂

  2. Wishing you all the best Carrie! We have 3 birthdays in 5 days, so we will be celebrating a LOT!

    I like your vitality plans. My word is “reinvent” this year, and I could see adopting some of your vitality ideas to help me along that path, so thank you very much for sharing. 🙂

    Happiest of days to you!

  3. We love our family’s Epiphany tradition (this is our 11th year doing this!): we invite all our friends over for a big bon fire. We start by singing We Three Kinds (awkwardly — that’s part of the tradition). Then everyone takes turns adding their own dried out old Christmas trees to the bon fire (while thinking of their intentions for the year). The flames are AMAZING! It’s a ritual that all kinds of folks enjoy, even the non-sentimental, because of the good show.

  4. Thank you Carrie! I also love January. Your ideas are reallly inspiring and just how I would like to spend this month. . I am working on our rhythm and also decluttering and organising our home better. We are trying to get into fermented foods so have been making sauerkraut and yoghurt. For self care I am also trying to commit to daily prayer and a gratitude journal that I’ve been keeping for sometime now and outdoor swimming a couple of times a week. Blessings xx

  5. We are working on making our home less cluttered and feeling fresh and clean for the new year. We are packing away/giving away many of the kids’ (un-played with) toys and it’s remarkable how few “things” they really need to have a good time. I’m hoping this will also help us be more thrifty this year and focus on making more things by hand. It’s a bit of a challenge right now as our youngest is a (very busy) 14 month old so I don’t feel I have much time to learn crafting skills but I’m hoping later in the year I can learn something like knitting or other handcrafts. Yesterday, I found time during my youngest’s nap to do paper snowflakes with my almost-four-Year-old and it was such fun. That magical moment when he unfolded the first snowflake was priceless! 😉 Happy New Year!

  6. My friend and her little girl put a tent up in the front room for mountain top front room, candle lit, cooked honey pancakes and listened to owls calling via the internet, through the hi-fi. Kind of bringing the outside in when you;re not near a mountain top.

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