Celebrating Eight Years Of The Parenting Passageway!

It is hard to believe that The Parenting Passageway has been around for over eight years now!  Our “official” start up date was October 2, 2008 but my first “real post” was this one on challenging developmental stages.  The next post was about fostering creative play,  and The Parenting Passageway bloomed from there.  Over the years, I think I have written about most situations parents find themselves in, and tried to combine the two things I love most:   childhood development and Waldorf parenting/education.  I have also revealed layers of my own journey and my own life philosophy for you all as time has progressed.

I thank you all for being here with me and reading along. I have a wide cross-section of readers – some homeschooling, some not, some involved in Waldorf Education, many not.  Many come here just to think about family life and gentle discipline.  I appreciate each and every one of you, and am always thrilled to receive your emails and tweets. Over the years I have even received donations made in my honor and little packages of Waldorf handmade goods, which is an incredible feeling!   I am always especially shocked to find readers all over the globe! That always amazes me and is a new joy every time!

I truly hope these next eight years will be as good as the first.  We are working on some new things over here; including a new logo and website design that hopefully will be unveiled sometime in 2017.  I keep threatening to write ebooks and never seem to have the time as I am busy taking care of my own family and being active in my own community, but I do so hope to do some writings on parenting, development, gentle discipline, festivals and Waldorf homeschooling at some point!

I got to go to North Carolina this year to speak with some fantastic homeschooling mothers.  I always learn so much from others, and enjoyed being with the homeschool community there. If anyone is interested in having me come and speak in 2017, please do contact me at admin@theparentingpassageway. I would love to talk to you about what you are looking for!

Most of all, I hope to keep connecting with my readers in this space and encouraging you all in parenting (and for those of you homeschooling, in homeschooling).  Having a family is a blessing, and having all of you makes me feel like I have a large family out  in the world spreading light and love in your own communities.  Thank you all so much for being here.

Much love and many blessings,

29 thoughts on “Celebrating Eight Years Of The Parenting Passageway!

  1. Happy 8th Blog-iversary (is that what it’s called??!) I know I join so many to say THANK YOU for 8 years of rich content, of sharing of your experiences, your musings, your expertise; for encouraging us along this path of Waldorf homeschooling and nurturing our home life. I’m grateful for you, Carrie. ❤

    Excited to see your new "look" next year! 🙂

  2. I celebrate you each time I read your blog! Eight years of consistent joy sent out into the world is a huge accomplishment, and I’m grateful for all of your wisdom. Thank you!

    (Also – although I rarely comment, I have been listening since that first post :))

  3. I am grateful that I found your blog few years ago. I have found here a lot, lot, lot useful information that are helping me parenting my 2 little children. This is the only blog that I do not miss any post. In your writing you are not just giving valuable information, but you are also radiating a spiritual mood and virtue, and this is something that makes it very important to me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us! Sincerely,Tamara (from far away Serbia)

  4. Happy birthday ! Thank you, Carrie. You have been a constant source of inspiration, calm, and steadfastness in the years I’ve read your site. I can consistently count on you for thoughtful and inspiring writing as well as practical ideas. I am so appreciative.
    I wish our timing had been better aligned and I could have met up with you in NC this summer. Maybe next. Maybe somewhere else?!

    Here’s to 8 more! Thank you !! xo sheila

  5. Thank you so much Carrie for all the work you do. You must do the ebooks thing when you get the time – you have so much information here that is so rich and personal that without a doubt they would be a success.

  6. Happy blog birthday, Carrie and The Parenting Passageway. You are an inspiration and always write such thought provoking content! I am a grateful long time reader.

  7. Congratulations, Carrie, and THANK YOU for all you do!!! You are such a lifeline, source of inspiration, and a springboard for reflection. I found your blog three years ago. My little one is six years old, so I’ve been reading your blog daily for half of my mothering life! I don’t know how you find the time, but I truly hope you never stop!

  8. Thank you for keeping up the blog! Don’t know how you do it all. Your thoughts and wisdom have changed my perspective on parenting and the importance of home – so grateful to you!
    All best,

    • Shira!
      Thank you so, so much. That is the kindest praise – to know that home is where it is at!
      Blessings and love,

  9. Carrie, thank you for your wonderful blog, I really appreciate every new post and I like wisdom and love you spread through your kind words. You truly have had great impact on my parenting. I wish you all the best and please carry on! Mira from Prague

  10. Your blog is set as my homepage so I can get a daily/weekly dose of wisdom and insight to centre me. Thank you for walking by my side in my parenting journey for the last 8 years and congratulations on all you have contributed.

  11. I am a Waldorf parent of a ten year old and a four year old. I’ve enjoyed your weekly emails for almost the full eight years. I get inspiration and encouragement from your deep breadth of knowledge, constancy and dedication.

    Thank you!

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