Scattered October

Every year, I tell myself that  I should  plan a fall break in October. And every  year, by May or June of every year, I totally forget this intention and don’t schedule it into our school year.

But October has a way of working it out without my help.  Because, October, you scatter us so.

Out into the cooler weather and into the sunshine to play, ride horses, be with the puppy , camp, and dream.

Out into the heating up of outside the home activities that our teenager so wants and needs.

Out into the golden yellows, reds, and browns of the leaves.

October, you scatter my brain.

This month I have felt so slow.  All the children are sleeping later.  We are all looking for play and sunshine due to the cooler weather.  We are looking to change up the routine.  And we are moving so slowly in our blocks that I pretty much decided to call a vacation last week.  I didn’t tell the children that in so many words, but I told MYSELF that so I wouldn’t feel “behind” (although the whole notion of “being behind” in homeschooling  is rather  ridiculous.  Slow and behind compared to what?!  You would think I would know this after so many years of doing this!) .  We are finishing our first block of ninth grade (although I only have five blocks planned for the whole year on top of our all year round classes); our sixth grader is in the midst of her second block; and our first grader is starting his third block this week.  Our teenager is also moving through Algebra I and Spanish II and Biology (we are finishing up cellular respiration right now and will move into cell reproduction soon!) pretty well.

Maybe, after all of these years of homeschooling,  I should realize that this is a  fairly normal pace for us.  Not all of us are speedy  homeschool families,  some of us are more snail- like and distracted by bright  shiny fun than others (!!), but I always remind myself that we are steady and we do keep learning. And every year, at the end of the year, I am always surprised by how much we material we really have covered, how much the children have grown, and how another school year has gone by and how all of it just keeps integrating and overlapping and circling around again.

This year, the scattering forces of October’s golden rays  has reminded me yet again, stitched into my brain yet again,  that we might sometimes be slow  but that we try so hard as a family to learn.  We love the diversity in our world and to have our children be lovers, encouragers, and hopefully action-takers in humanity.  Let’s just go slow, and deep, and steady, and have fun.

October, maybe you scatter us in all the right ways.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful, sparkly, golden Autumn.

Many blessings,


4 thoughts on “Scattered October

  1. wonderful writing, Carrie. Thanks for sharing where you and your family are! It is in the big arc– where we see our efforts, our learning…our progress, right!?
    your post also made me laugh because a friend offered us her house up in the mountains for the week– 2 weeks ago into last week and I struggled to think about how I was going to handle the IN and OUT of “vacation” week in OCTOBER! I mean, we’ll fall behind! Touche on that one 😉 Maybe it was exactly what we needed. We were dazzled by the autumn leaves, the aspens, the cool air, we split wood, we read by the fire, and cooked and ate lots! And there was a HUGE birthday cake for papa in there, too. We returned home– grudgingly (after all that debating on my end, we struggled to leave), but refreshed to a pretty solid couple days of lessons back at home. I needed to be reminded of the blessings of being flexible and that everything is going to be …ok…. sheila

    • So true, Sheila. That is the mantra really. All shall be well and in all manner all shall be well. It will work out to be exactly what is and was needed by the end. I am glad you took your vacation opportunity!

  2. This post spoke to me on a week that I was questioning my capabilities as a Waldorf homeschooler…and I logged into my e-mail, started reading, and immediately felt the relief one feels from community, from knowing you are not alone in a journey, knowing others feel what you feel, and like you said in the comment above, that all shall be well. To embrace the scattering that is October! It’s such a beautiful time in the seasonal rhythm. And after that moment of relief, lo and behold, the next three days we had some beautiful lesson times (and enjoyed the scattering, too). You are a blessing to me, Carrie ❤

    • Hugs and love, Amanda! Beautiful times even in the fragmentation…the joy of being able to embrace absolutely what is, what is right now.

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