Finding Peace: Nourish

We want to nurture the highest levels of empathy and compassion in our children and yet we so often fail to model this in our attitudes toward ourselves and our own health.

If we think about it, we often perceive we have no time to spend on our own health.

We do not move our bodies as often as they should be moved and we eat things that do not make us feel well.

We often don’t say positive things about our own body.

Time flies by, and we are so good at getting the children into their doctor, dentist and other health care professional appointments; yet we haven’t been to a doctor or dentist in years.

We are so good at making sure our children relax and rest and go to bed, yet we consistently de-value our own need for rest and relaxation.

Time flies by, and we fail to re-connect with friends or give ourselves time and space for building community.

We fail to let people in on our deepest emotions and trials, for fear of being vulnerable or that no one will really listen or care.

So, in this glorious Eastertide,  I ask that you consider nourishing yourself in whatever form that looks like for you.  The simple act of putting your own needs for health and whatever that may look like to you may be the single most radical  thing you can do to hold a steady home and steady parenting this year.

Nothing will happen without a plan and without wanting this transformation.  It takes courage to say that you need to exercise each day for your own health, to have a night out with friends, or to make all those health care appointments that need to happen.  Yet,  what a positive thing we can show our children:   that parents taking care of themselves and being human beings and adults is also of value and that these things can be balanced with being a wonderful and connected, mindful parent.  So, if only in baby steps, I encourage you to nourish yourself.  Let this be your legacy for this year and here to finding yourself on this same date next year in a better and more wonderful place.


6 thoughts on “Finding Peace: Nourish

  1. Dear Carrie Your posts often inspire or reassure me but this one spoke to me directly.  Thank you, Fiona all the way from Scotland

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  2. Thank you so much, Carrie! It’s been a good six months or so, I’m guessing, that you have kept self-care consistently on the radar here in this precious space you have created for parents. Thank you for that consistent reminder! It has taken a while to work its way into my life, but slowly and surely it has! I used to have no problem with self-care, and just happily rolled along w/ my little one by my side, but the past few months have been a game-changing, doozy of a time with my five year old daughter, and now I NEED…MUST HAVE…much more self-focus and time to myself, in order to stay on an even keel with all that is going on. Things that are new (in great part, thanks to you!): dance breaks (5-10 min.) twice a day, stretching/yoga on the floor once a day, a bike ride or walk (by myself) once a week, (plus all the usual outside play time, gardening, hiking with my daughter daily), SLEEP has become an absolute priority…no more staying up late, Plus, more healthy/restorative reading and listening during the evening hours…much more limited and selective internet and t.v. time…this has made a huge and positive impact on my happiness. And most importantly, really prioritizing time with my husband. We’re in a new parenting phase that is very demanding, and we need to have time to talk things out, hang out/have fun, and enjoy intimacy, in order to happily stay on the same page and support each other. To that end, my husband and I are spending one or two nights a week talking about life, parenting, logistics, etc. (Once our daughter is asleep!) One night a week just hanging out and having fun together. One or two evenings having dinner with friends (at our house or theirs) who are really helpful with our daughter, and this is an awesome, fun family time that has really helped give us and our daughter a positive social outlet. And…MY teeth cleaning, blood work, pap smear, mammogram, and dermatologist appointments are all booked for April! And to everyone who is not yet in this place…it took a looooong time to get here, with one step forward, two steps back most of the way! And that will happen again, and again, of course. And that is why I’m so grateful for Carrie’s consistent and sensitive broaching of this subject across time and space.
    Thanks, Carrie!

    • Chris,
      You don’t know how happy your post makes me feel! I am so glad, and I wish every mother could take these steps!
      Doing a happy dance,

  3. Yes! I often remind myself that I need my body to be strong in order to do all of these wonderful things I do! It is all too easy to be caught up in caretaking everyone else and living in my goals and ideals and forget that if I don’t do yoga, my back becomes painful and sleeping difficult etc. Thank you for these wonderful reminders. Here’s to true nourishment on all levels. With so much appreciation, Sue

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