Finding Peace

March seems to be this consistent time of the year that I look for, yearn for, and strive for  PEACE.  (Really!  You can see this post about “Peaceful March” all the way back in 2010:

This month, I want to approach the idea of peace differently than I ever have before.  Come join me in exploring peace through our…

Hands – the “Hands” part of this is really the physicality of the environment we live in – our homes, and also our bodies.  We live in our bodies.  How can our physical body be peaceful to us? I would love to talk about that and share some things with you that I have been looking at lately in regards to the peaceful home and the peaceful body.

Heart – Heart is our peaceful tone in our homes.  It is how we maintain our relationships in our home, speak to and guide our children, and how we maintain friendships.  It is also our one-ness and unity with the spiritual world and with nature.  How do we keep initiating deeper and deeper conversation with our own intimate spirituality?  How do we keep going deeper and deeper into a love for the world?

Head – Our head includes our thoughts, how we train our thoughts, how we deal with anxiety and worries.  I think in this we could also think about how we approach homeschooling in general – how do we homeschool FROM a place of peace and in a peaceful way?

Looking forward to exploring peace with you this month,


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