These Are A Few of My Favorite Things: Advent Week Two

The second week of Advent reminds me of the rejoicing of the plant kingdom as we progress ever nearer to the Nativity.  I love the short, little stories in the “Light in the Lantern” book for this week.  Here are a few more of our favorites this week, focused on the upcoming St. Lucia Day on the 13th, and plants and flowers:

7- Little Tree by ee cummings, story and pictures by Chris Rashka.  My father loved ee cummings, so this little book has special meaning to me.

8-  Christmas Farm by Mary Lynn Ray

9- Night Tree by Eve Bunting

10-  Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree by Robert Barry

11- A Christmas Tree for Pyn by Olivier Dunrea

12-  The Star Tree by Gisela Colle

13- Grandfather’s Christmas Camp by Marc McCutheon

If you would like to learn more about celebrating the Feast of St. Lucia, please see this back post.   Here is a  lovely gentle story for St. Lucia Day for little ears. 

These are a few of the things we love for this week:

  • Creating little moss gardens with floating walnut boats can be wonderful for children under the age of 9, although older children may (secretly) like it as well.  You can use a small tin tub, or a small pottery bowl – fill it with soil and moss and add little treasures throughout the week.   Save a walnut shell with wool for Christmas Day in which to place a little beeswax baby Jesus. 
  • This would be a wonderful week to have an Advent Spiral.  I doubt we will get to do one this year, but we have done this for many years and it was always beautiful and reverent.
  • Singing!  Many churches have caroling this week, or services of “Lessons and Carols” – Scripture reading and singing.
  • Making small gifts – candle dipping, candle rolling or other little gifts can be lovely.  We will be making some things this week.
  • Finding beautiful verses, poetry, Scripture to capture the essence of this Season.
  • Planting sweet little indoor bulbs
  • Spending time in the woods, the meadows, the farm.  Enjoying the solitude.
  • Are there any Swedish groups in your area holding special events for St. Lucia?  Could be worth it to check in your community!
  • Some wait until the last minute to get a Christmas tree; we usually do although last year I have to say the ones in the size we usually get at our local Christmas tree farm were all gone – so this could be a week to think about a tree if you don’t mind having one during the second week of Advent.

Please share the wonders of your week.

Blessings and joy,


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