Triumphant Families

I was reading an article  today about how some children recover from autism.  The article detailed the struggle in the journeys that the families go through in order to try to help their children reach their full capacities.  On the surface, it seems as if some families are “successful” because autism in their child is cured, and other families are not successful because their child’s autism persists (and the article also gives the standpoint that some autism advocates do not consider autism a condition needing to be cured – read the article and see what you think), even though often the same exact therapies were used.  Why do the therapies seem to work for some children but not the other children? That is a major question experts are asking. 

But what brought a tear to my eye in this article was reading these stories and thinking oh, these triumphant families!   These families who worked so hard on this journey of parenting their children with differing abilities,  and who were doing everything they could possible to help their child develop functional capacities.

And I thought about all the parents who struggle every day – whether it is with a sick child or a child with a chronic condition and how they balance all of that with all of that other family  members need; parents who are ill or who have a disability themselves and still give parenting everything they have; parents who might be struggling with normal developmental milestones; parents who are struggling with educational choices and options – the list goes on.

And what I see are beautiful parents who triumph in life and in parenting.  Life will always throw curve balls.  Life has things no one imagined in store for them when they started out in a relationship, in marriage or in parenting.  Yet, we learn to love ourselves, lean on others, and make it through.  I call that triumph.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the start of school or close to the start of school for many of us.  Here is wishing all families a beautiful year of goodness, beauty and truth.  Here is to having a triumphant year!

Many blessings,

6 thoughts on “Triumphant Families

  1. Dear Carrie, Can you share the autism article with me?

    I love reading all of your posts.

    I am one such parent and really appreciate how you made me feel to triumphant!

    Blessings to you Nehal

  2. My child is one of these children. Homeopathy, diet, and working on releasing my limiting beliefs both about myself and his healing capacity is what brought his health back. His baby teeth are a wreck, he has a lower muscle tone and is much thinner than most kids, but he is perfect. He is the most imaginative kid I know. He actually seems healthier than most other kids at times. I brought him healing. After he was on the mend, now it’s my turn to trust that his body will finish the process because that’s how our bodies are designed – to balance in the most extreme of conditions. This is also a struggle for a mom to let go and trust that he is finally ok and not want to look for that supplement or next cure to make him better and better.


    Christina Most


    • Christina,
      That is so wonderful and exciting. And yes, I think you are so wise to ask what part his body can play in this process – that is where the balance comes in.

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