Fifth Grade Block Rotation

This is my second time through fifth grade this fall so I wanted a block rotation plan that was a little bit different than my first time around, and I also wanted to  build more of a foundation for things that we will be seeing in the upper grades. So, this time around I have chosen to do blocks in this order:

  • Botany
  • Ancient Civilizations (India, Persia, Mesopotamia)
  • Math block based upon Marsha Johnson’s History of Chocolate math block, but I really worked hard on it and expanded it into a bit more about the Toltec, Aztec and Maya of Mesoamerica
  • Geometry
  • Christmas Break
  • Ancient Civilizations II (Ancient Egypt, Ancient Africa, Ancient China)
  • Greek Mythology/History
  • Introduction To Metric System through our neighbor Canada
  • United States and Neighbors (United States, Review of Mexico and Canada from previous blocks, Caribbean) (I chose to combine Central America with South America in seventh grade geography). 

It is going to be a very fun year!


3 thoughts on “Fifth Grade Block Rotation

  1. Thanks, Carrie! I asked, so I appreciate your posting! I have 5th blocked out and am drilling into details and resources for the blocks and am getting so excited. Especially when I find places I can parallel appropriate material for my 2nd grader. I am starting with half of August, doing a math journey for both kids (active fun), form drawing, and a review of mapping for my 5th grader. Then onto N. American Geography, Botany, Ancient Civilizations 1 (India, Persia, Mesopotamia), Math, Ancient Civilizations 2 (Egypt), Geometry, Greece, Math/Review/Catch-up (during a funky time with our charter school), and ending with Botany. But I reserve the right to fiddle as I go! 😉

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