Monthly Anchor Points: February

Anchor:  a person or thing that can be relied on for support, stability, or security; mainstay: Hope was his only anchor.

When we work to become the author of own family life, we take on the authority to provide our spouse and children and ourselves stability.  An effective way to do this is through the use of rhythm.  If you have small children, it takes time to build a family rhythm that encompasses the year.  If you are homeschooling older children and also have younger children not ready for formal learning, the cycle of the year through the seasons and through your religious year becomes the number one tool you have for family unity, for family identity, for stability.

February and I have a love-hate relationship.  On the one hand, this is the month of LOVE and LIGHT.  It is a month about thinking about our own inner light and how do we let this light shine in service to others; how do we show our love for others?  We have no greater calling than to love our fellow human beings, beginning with those we live with right in our own homes.  On the other hand, February seems to be the month I least want to serve anyone.  It seems to be a rather cranky month for me at times, much like my July Doldrums….Many homeschooling mothers I speak with seem to feel the same way.

This month really does have an often quiet beauty about it.  So, let us all try to celebrate the positive aspects of this month of light and love.  It really can and should be beautiful!

My month will be anchored by these festivals:

St. Brigid  of Kildare– February 1st  This back post talks about St. Brigid and  ways to celebrate this special day.

Candlemas, or   Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple – February 2nd

You can seem this back post about the quiet beauty of Candlemas.

St. Valentine’s Day – February 14th – this is actually a very low-key festival in my house.  Last year I made little painted heart shaped boxes with peg people gnomes.  I think this year we will bake and we may have something small for the children at breakfast.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent – February 18th.  We will be in church that day and watch as we wind through the Lenten season the increasing quiet and simplicity in the church.  I have many back posts about Lent, including books, celebrating with children, homemaking during Lent and many more.  Here is a post about celebrating Lent in the Waldorf home.

St. Polycarp – February 23rd – this is more of an inner remembrance for me on this day for certain personal qualities I wish to cultivate.

Ideas for Celebration:

Winter Sports!  If you live in an area where you can snowshoe, cross country ski, ice skate on a pond, sled, downhill ski and sled, please do!  Sometimes we get snow down the Deep South in February or the first week of March, but it seems to be unusually warm recently.  So, if you live in a climate like mine, perhaps you can hike, bike, roller blade or walk.

Make music!  Such a lovely month for making music.

Gather a group of mothers and exchange beautiful ideas about creating the family life, rhythms, routines and habits that you really want.  Gather a group together to exchange ideas about homeschooling and planning if you are a homeschooling mother.

The Domestic Life:

Dipping and rolling candles seems to be a natural fit for the month in which Candlemas is celebrated!

Planning the garden.  Are you dreaming with seed catalogues and ideas yet?

Spring or Lenten cleaning

I would love to hear from you and how your February is unfolding.

Many blessings,

2 thoughts on “Monthly Anchor Points: February

  1. Carrie, your posts helped me see the relationship between offering the candles, and the presentation of the baby Jesus. It’s like our humble way of acknowledging that the holy nights and epiphany season have gifted us (our souls and nature) inner light, fresh from the heavens, and with our candles, we acknowledge and offer up this gift. What we received of the baby Jesus during the holy time, we offer up in gratitude. Thank you! Your posts accompany me all thru the year.

    • I love this, our light being a gift from God and to God. May we bless those who most need it ❤
      Blessings, Carrie

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