Plans for Fourth Grade


I am planning fourth grade for our second go-around now and have worked out a rotation for blocks.  I thought it might be helpful to some of you who are planning.


I want to start the year with form drawing.  I start most years with form drawing and it seems to work well.  We will also review math – all four processes, the times tables, measurement.

A math block will come next.  I plan to keep reviewing and introduce fractions.

Next, we will be doing our block on local geography.  It must likely will be a  five week block with many field trips, the making of a salt dough map, freehand map drawing,dioramas, cooking and music.

Then we will do our first block of  Man and Animal.  I have written extensively on this block from the first time I did fourth grade in a back post.  I want to use this block also to extensively extend my fourth grader’s drawing skills.

Before Christmas we will start the Norse Myths.  This normally takes me about six weeks to get through all of it, so I am thinking three weeks before the Christmas break and three weeks after Christmas. I like having a little break in there, especially since this block is more concentrated work on writing. We will finish Norse Myths after Christmas.

Then we will have  more math concentrating on fractions. I hope to read the Kalevala out loud during this math block and do some form drawings and paintings as well for some of the images or stories specifically one day a week.

Then I plan to do a block on a piece of literature from The Chronicles of Narnia.  I know this is not traditional, for Waldorf Schools in fourth grade,  but in my effort to make the curriculum speak more to me as an American, I wanted  a piece of American literature that had some similarities to the Norse Myths.  Yet, I couldn’t really find a piece of American literature that resonated with me for this purpose.  I thought of The Wizard of Oz series, but for some reason, it didn’t seem to quite fit the bill for me.  I know the Chronicles of Narnia is British, but for some reason this still felt a bit closer to my heart.  I will keep you posted.  I am thinking about either “Prince Caspian” or “The Last Battle” .

Man and Animal block two will be next, and then another short math block.

The last two weeks will be devoted to insects, bees, and planting herbs in our garden.


It promises to be a magical,  fun and full year with many hands on projects and field trips. I will decide specifically what blocks will require writing and which ones I will not require a lot of writing for my writing phobic fourth grader.  Smile


Can’t wait to hear what you are planning for fourth grade!



3 thoughts on “Plans for Fourth Grade

  1. This sounds terrific! I never did get around to the Kalevala with my oldest, though I purchased Heroes of the Kalevala. I am intrigued by your idea to add in a book from the Narnia chronicles. I love that you are always seeking to “Americanize” your Waldorf homeschool based on Steiner’s works. I had that thought when you mentioned including Native American studies in grade three (and up!) a few days ago. Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend! Love, Rachel

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